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1 Simple Way to Make Party Planning Easier

I love planning birthday parties. I love coming up with the theme, purchasing party supplies, and baking the cake and goodies. But do you know what I don’t like? Cooking! I know, I know. You’d think if I like baking that I’d like cooking to right? Well, to me they are entirely different things.

So when it comes to planning parties, I am not big on cooking the actual food to serve to our guests. That is why I am partnering with Subway today to bring you 1 Simple Way to Make Party Planning Easier! I promise it has changed the way I’ve looked at party food FOREVER!

1 simple way to make party planning easier

Anytime you throw a party where you are the host, you run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. You are here, you are there. Greeting guests, making sure everyone is having a good time, and most importantly making sure everyone is fed!

So sure, you can run to Costco and purchase large amounts of food walking out spending more than you anticipated (because that totally happens in that store) or you can do what I do and order…


There I said it. Yep, catering has saved my life and made party planning so much less of a hassle. Before I starting having my parties catered, I used to spend hours coming up with a meal plan, making a grocery list, heading to several different stores to get what I needed and it wasted so much time and ENERGY. To me, time + energy = money so it was also wasting that too. Now I can simple place my order and everything is done for me. Easy peasy!

My Experience with Subway Catering

Recently, I threw a birthday party for my youngest who turned 1. It was a Monster themed party and I wanted a delicious and healthy meal for my guests. So of course, I couldn’t turn anywhere else besides Subway!

With Subway Catering you can place your catering order right online. Order sandwiches, sides and even an entire tray of their delicious cookies! All of these are made fresh right in your local Subway store. Plus some locations even offer delivery! How easy would your next party be to order food and have it delivered for your all your guests?subway catering menu

When I first placed my order I had a bit of an issue finding a location that knew how to place a catering order. I am guessing it just isn’t as popular as everyone thinks which totally makes sense because until now, I hadn’t ever really thought of having my birthday parties catered. I think it’s just a matter of more parents (like myself) learning about catering and how much of a time saver it is then it will be popular! Even after the issues I experienced, I would highly recommend ordering from Subway for your next catered event. They truly stand behind their company with any issues and try to accommodate in any way they can. I was even lucky enough to meet one of the owner’s of several Subway locations in my area, he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. My family and I truly enjoyed having dinner with him!

For my party I ended up ordering a total of 5 sandwich trays which was more than enough to feed about 50 people at our party. It was delivered on time and our guests really seemed to enjoy the sandwiches. For a sandwich platter that serves about 9 (we got more servings out of our trays) it costs $38.00 (depending on the platter you select) which includes the condiments and toppings for each sandwich. You can even customize your platter to fit what you and your guest will enjoy. It’s very inexpensive to serve a large party. Plus it’s an easy and time saving process.subway catering

So the next time you are planning a party and start getting overwhelmed with all the details, remember you can place an order for Subway Catering and have your entire party fed easily and deliciously. You can also connect with Subway on: Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their latest products and promotions.

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