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10 Amazing Uses for Diapers

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Diapers are a pretty amazing invention. They keep you from all the things that would otherwise end up on you and well, EVERYTHING! Can you imagine what it was like before diapers? I bet it was a messy situation- literally! That is why I am so thankful for diapers and you could say I am a bit biased because I love Huggies diapers. It was the brand the hospital used for the birth of both of my sons and they sort of just stuck with me. So today I am partnering with Huggies to bring you 10 Amazing Uses for Diapers. And no, using them for baby’s poop is not one of those!

10 AMAZING uses for diapers

10 Amazing Uses for Diapers (other than for baby poop)

  1. Grow those plants! It’s no secret that plants get their hydration from the soil they are in but what happens to your plant when you head on vacation? Unless you have a plant sitter, they will probably die. Not anymore! Place a baby diaper at the bottom of the pot and then water as usual before you leave. The diaper absorbs the excess water and the plant will use that water when needed.
  2. Soak up spills in car. So I have kids (and a husband) that spill EVERYTHING and lots of times, it’s in our car and often in the cup holders. I love to use a diaper to soak it all up because it’s so easy to do and it works quickly!
  3. Clean up grease in kitchen. We all know that pouring grease down your drain is a no-no but there isn’t anything that says you can’t use a diaper to soak it up. Take a diaper and stick it into a cool pan of grease to soak it right up.
  4. Covers for Cold Feet. Hey as long as you don’t leave the house it won’t matter how you are keeping your feet warm. Wrap your feet in some diapers and duck tape and enjoy some makeshift slippers.
  5. Wipe that sweat off. Sweating and don’t have a towel handy but have your diaper bag? Use a diaper to soak the sweat right off you! I mean look at how absorbent these look (and they totally are).huggies absorbent diaper
  6. Package it up safely. Wrapping material can get expensive but you know what isn’t? Diapers! They are soft, cushiony and can keep your fragile items safe. So wrap these babies (not the babies literally) around items and package them as usual.
  7. Bandage those wounds. Sometimes a tiny Band-Aid won’t do the trick. When you’ve got a big wound you need a big bandage and a diaper is just the solution!
  8. Keeps you from the heat. Whether you are moving something hot or needing to break away from the heat, diapers can come to the rescue. Use them as pot holder, make a hat, or even make a neck wrap out of one.
  9. Store valuables in while traveling. So your visiting a new place and you are worried you will be robbed. Well, take your diaper bag and hide your money, wallet, and other valuables in the diapers. Who would think to check those to rob you? It’s also a space saver.
  10. Dust, dust away. Ladies you know when the husband says you are out of cleaning supplies so he can’t clean? Well he can still dust! Use a diaper to dust your home. It’s soft and absorbent and your home won’t even noticed the difference in what you used.

10 amazing uses for diapers featured

Now that I have given you some creative and amazing ideas on how to use diapers for more than just baby bottoms, I want to share with you my chosen brand of diapers.

As many of you know, I am not shy to sharing my love for Huggies. I have talked about the brand quite a bit and love their products. I am Huggies fan all the way (sounds sort of like a college student cheering on their football team). Recently they have released NEW Huggies Little Movers. Of course, I had to give them a try with my youngest so I went to my local Babies”R”Us store and found a box of them.

huggies little movers diapers

Huggies Little Movers Diapers:

  • Have a DryTouch® liner in Huggies® Little Movers Diapers absorbs moisture on contact, providing comfortable movement for your moving baby.
  • A contoured shape designed to move with your baby, Huggies® Little Movers Diapers stay in place, allowing your baby to move freely and comfortably.
  • With double the grip our diaper moves with your baby to help protect against leaks and give her a comfy fit that lasts.
  • The trusted Leak Lock® System goes where your baby goes, providing up to 12 hours of protection to help prevent leaks.

Plus for a limited time when you spend $50 or more on any Huggies purchase you will get a Free Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes pack! I have one and keep it in my diaper bag. It’s great for keeping the wipes moist in a fashionable way. You can also get a rebate back on your purchase to help you save even more!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the NEW Huggies Little Movers at your local Babies”R”Us store. You can find them right on the diaper isle (like shown below).

huggies diapers at babies r us on the isle

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Wednesday 25th of May 2022

I have used them countless times as a heating pack. You can pour hot water in them slide them in a plastic bag and wrap in a pillow case. They stay hot for a good while and even then you can heat them back up in the microwave. Just do not get them to hot and burn your self.. Believe it or not I learned this hack 15 years ago while in the hospital. I asked for a heating pad and they brought in a adult diaper fixed up this way. It worked great and I have did it many times at home. The adult diaper obviously make a bigger heat pack.


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I have never heard of that idea before. That is genius!! Thank you for sharing!!

Roni potter

Monday 14th of September 2015

I love using diapers for everything. .they do a great job waxing floors to


Monday 14th of September 2015

Who knew that you could use a diaper for all of these things? I definitely didn't! I've used one for the plant idea before, but that is it! #client