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10 Ideas To Cool Down This Summer

It’s too hot to think. Summer heat is exhausting for the household. You find yourself wistfully considering your winter coat and missing the cold season. 

Summer can make you feel tired, cranky, and uncomfortable. Besides, it’s tough to function when the heat never ceases to increase. You’re left with no other option than crossing the days on the calendar and hoping for September to come quickly. When the heat becomes unbearable, there are some tips you can use to cool down until the heatwave resorbs. 

Cooling Home Improvements

Ultimately, the easiest and simplest way to keep you and your family cool this summer is to make sure the house is ready for the hot weather. Home improvement works do come at a cost, so think of these as a long-term investment. You will enjoy the benefits for years to come!

Central Air conditioning installation

HVAC is a no-brainer. There’s only so much you can achieve with a fan. Fans are fantastic for ventilation purposes. Yes, they can only improve air circulation. They don’t generate cool air. So, if you haven’t already installed a central air-con system, it can transform your property. Approximately 87% of American households use air conditioning. The bad news is that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a contractor in the middle of summer. However, you can also follow this online tutorial to install your own AC system. A DIY job is cost-effective and gives you a variety of choices. However, you’ll need to navigate the permit systems for your AC unit and specific certification for the installation. Alternatively, you can also reach out to individual professionals on the market rather than a company for a quick and easy process. 

Removing sources of heat: Bathroom

In summer, it’s essential to reduce the presence of heat-generating elements inside your home. The bathroom can be one of those rooms at home that can aggravate the sensation of heat. Indeed, an inadequate layout can trap steam inside the room and increase the house temperature. While you may not consider a bathroom remodel, you’d be surprised by how much difference a new design and shower system can make. Natural stone products, for instance, can stay cool even during a heatwave, helping to keep the temperature down in the bathroom. Additionally, an open layout will ensure maximum air circulation, effectively ventilation the heat out of the room.  

Removing sources of heat: Kitchen

Your kitchen is the main culprit for elevated interior temperatures. While it doesn’t matter during the colder months of the year, it can get uncomfortable in summer. Most households avoid using the oven in summer to reduce heat generation. However, there’s a lot more you can do to keep the temperature down in your kitchen. It’s worth checking your ventilation system. The kitchen fan extractor needs regular maintenance as filters can accumulate grease and dirt over time. Thankfully, you can clean these easily with soapy water. Clogged-up filters will prevent the extraction system from removing the heat from cooking. Additionally, you may also want to consider installing natural ventilation systems. A kitchen skylight can significantly refresh the room. You can keep it open early in the morning and during the evening to bring the cool air in. Pair the skylight with a blind to protect the kitchen from the high summer sun. 

Cooling dishes that make a difference

Can what you eat helps to bring the temperature down? The answer is yes. Reducing your body temperature can be an effective approach to managing the summer heat. Food and drinks can play a crucial role in keeping your temperature low. 

Fruits over ice cream

Understandably, in summer, you crave ice creams. However, you’d be surprised to know that a scoop of ice cream is not going to be as refreshing as you hope. In fact, it will have the reverse effect. When the temperature difference between the food you consume and yourself is too high, your body’s temperature becomes elevated as it processes the food. In other words, ice cream makes you warmer. Instead, you might prefer fruits and fruit salads, which are refreshing, hydrating, and full of vitamins. Similarly, you can also incorporate juicy vegetables such as cucumber into your fruit salads. These are high in moisture and vitamins, helping to fuel your body without bringing its temperature up. 

A cup of hot tea

If the idea of drinking a hot beverage in summer is unusual, bear with the thought a moment. Cool drinks are appealing. However, they will cause your body to overheat due to the temperature shock. On the other hand, a warm drink can be surprisingly refreshing as it is closer to your body temperature. Iced teas and iced coffees will make you feel warmer in the long term, undoing their cooling benefits. However, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the cooling benefits of a cup of peppermint tea. 

If this is too much to handle, you can also revert to water. Keep those ice cubes at bay, as they will generate heat once ingested. But you can squeeze a little lemon juice or add some mount leaves to your water to enhance the cooling sensation. The body needs moisture to regulate its temperature, so a glass of water can do wonders on a hot day!

Best dishes when it’s too hot outside

Are you looking for dishes that will not require plenty of cooking? Take a look at some of these dishes that are refreshing and will help regulate your body temperature. A cold chicken salad wrap can pack plenty of fresh and juicy ingredients, keeping you full and fresh. You can also consider a gazpacho soup. The traditional gazpacho recipe includes mostly tomatoes. But the Mexican version is packed with delicious sweet corn and white beans for extra deliciousness. 

Tips to stay cool in the bedroom

When it’s too hot to sleep, you wake up feeling exhausted and cranky. Your body needs to rest to regulate its temperature. Sleep deprivation will only make you feel hotter. So, here are some helpful tips to keep the bedroom cool when you don’t have an A/C unit. 

Use ice

This might sound like an odd idea, but now’s the best time to get your water bottle out. Water bottles are made from resistant materials. They can handle extreme temperatures, including being put in the freezer. Freeze your water bottle before placing it in the bed. It will stay cool for longer. 

You can also use a bowl of ice cubes with a fan. Place the ice cubes in front of the fan to create a cooling breeze. 

Focus on cool bedding

A fresh bed is half the battle. Your bed sheets can make a huge difference to your comfort at night. In summer, you want breathable material that doesn’t make you sweat. Cotton bedsheets and linen are excellent choices for the hot season. Cotton will be softer at first but is not as durable as linen. 

You can also place your sheets briefly in the freezer before going to bed. You do not need more than a handful of minutes to reach the desired temperature. Be careful not to freeze your bedding, which could damage the material and cause burn marks on your skin. 

Strategic window ventilation

Use your windows smartly. Keeping the windows open during the day is only going to let the hot air in. Instead, you want to ventilate your bedroom early in the morning or later during the day. If it is safe to sleep with the windows open at night, it’s the ideal time to refresh the room. 

Cool yourself down before bed

Lastly, you can cool your body temperature rather than changing the bedroom temperature. Taking a cool shower before bed or placing a cool towel on your pulse point will help cool your down before bed. 

Keeping your home and yourself cool this summer is no easy task. But thankfully an A/C unit isn’t the only way to get comfortable during the heat.