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10 Last-Minute Holiday Preparation Ideas


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toys“R“Us for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the holidays are both filled with cheer and stress. As we near closer to the 25th of December it seems like the days start to blend together which means we are more likely to forget important details leading up the best holiday of the year (in my opinion anyways). So today I am sharing 10 Last-Minute Holiday Preparation Ideas to try to help keep you on track to having the most Merry and Bright Christmas ever!

10 Last-Minute Holiday Preparation Ideas

I love the holiday season, but it will be here in less than two weeks! It is time to get in gear and get these last-minute holiday preparations done. Here is what is on my list, maybe yours too?

  1. Keep it simple – When it comes to doing those last-minute holiday preparations, keep it simple! The simpler you make it, the less stressful it is. Think of pre-made sides, cater your Christmas dinner, and even Uber guests to your holiday party. It makes it much easier on you!
  2. Wrap those gifts – Although I like to start shopping as early as possible, there are always last-minute presents I forget (I am sure you do too) so one of the last minute prep items on my list is to wrap, wrap, and wrap some more! I even like to have Christmas bags and tissue paper on hand in case I forget to wrap something last-minute. 
  3. Last trips to the store – Since we do a lot of shopping at Toys“R“Us, I love their Wish List fulfillment! It’s a great way to grab those last minute gifts for the kids in your life. Who doesn’t have last minute shopping to do? You think you have everyone on your list, but then you realize you don’t. Shopping for those last minute gifts is a must. Another good tip is to have extra toys or gifts on hand in case you just so happen to forget someone that is on your list or come across a surprise visitor you need a gift for. Don’t forget the coupons either! Toys”R”Us actually has coupons valid through December 24th so you can shop until the very last-minute before the holiday and still save some money!
  4. Don’t forget about the stocking stuffers – I always forget about the stocking stuffers, but not this year. I am on the lookout for fun little stocking stuffer items. The dollar section at retail stores are the best place to snag these! Even Toys”R”Us has one right in the front of their stores to make filling those stockings easy.
  5. Make a list on your phone – Instead of trying to remember everything I need to get at the store or last minute, I just make a list on my phone, it’s a life saver. Plus, it’s the one item you always have on you and it’s not as easily lost as a paper list, am I right?
  6. Delegate to friends and family – I am usually the host, when it comes to the holidays but I always get everyone else involved. I can’t do it alone, so delegating tasks has been a great last-minute holiday prep tip for myself. My husband is always willing to help so that is a good thing. You can even ask family and friends to bring small side dishes so you aren’t having to make a dozen on your own.
  7. Know when to shop – We buy a lot of gifts for kids, so shopping at Toys“R“Us makes it super easy. When shopping last minute, it’s vital to know when to shop, luckily Toys”R”Us has great hours, which means we can pop in and out when we need to. Early mornings and close to closing seem to be the best time because it isn’t too busy which means less time spent in line. 
  8. Clean often – The true secret to keeping your home clean and ready for holiday entertaining is to clean often, even daily. Small sessions of cleaning is actually better than trying to clean in one big session and then having to reclean. Make sure you get your family on board so when people do begin to arrive in town, your home is looking it’s best! 
  9. Gift cards are an easy way go shop – When you don’t know what to buy and you are out of time, don’t be afraid to grab those gift cards. The person you are buying for will love to go shopping, I’m sure of it.
  10. Enjoy the journey – With the craziness of the holidays I think many of us forget to just enjoy the season. I love shopping for others and I enjoy the journey in it. Whether you are shopping for kids or for adults, you will find that perfect gift for them so just enjoy the meaning of the holidays and the time well spent with family.

Getting the Best Gifts Last-Minute

Whether you have 2 gifts to get or 20, last-minute gifts can still be amazing. When it comes to kids big and small, Toys”R”Us is the best destination. They have all of the hottest gifts this holiday season so you know you will light up little faces no matter what. They have all of the toys you’ll need to make it an exciting holiday for those in your life. So head to your local Toys“R“Us and get shopping today! What other last-minute holiday preparation ideas do you have?

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