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10 Smart Ways to Stay Organized After Moving to a New Home

Proper organization is the key to any successful move. This becomes even more important when you want to organize your new home after moving. In reality, staying organized when moving helps you ease into your new home with minimum effort and zero problems. Undoubtedly, the best way to stay organized after moving to a new home is to plan properly before you move in the first place. You might need some moving checklists to get you on the right path. So, do you want to stay organized after moving to your new home? Here are the top-rated tips and tricks to remember. 

Prepare early  

Start preparing for organizing your new home early enough to avoid doing things in a rush. Your preparations should start before you move. Get organized by packing and labeling things by categories. Additionally, you might want to declutter and even get storage facilities to store some of your stuff, especially if you’ve moved to a smaller home. 

Create an unpacking checklist

You are told to label everything you pack and create a list of items in every box. This is meant to help you get things organized. Additionally, it is a strategy that ensures you do not forget to pack your essentials. Accordingly, you need to crosscheck the list when unpacking. Take it out and tick every item you unpack. At the end of the day, you should have everything checked on your list to determine if all your items are safe. 

Start with the necessities

Once you have everything in place when moving, your unpacking will be more straightforward than you think. Here, you need to start by organizing the necessities first. Unpack the boxes you had labeled as essentials. Accordingly, you might want to start with the first boxes you get off the moving truck or car. Consider unpacking all essential items you need in the short run first. 

Unpack and organize with a timeframe

If you want to complete everything in good time, you need to start early and give yourself a timeframe. It is good to start unpacking and organizing your new home immediately you get there. As much as you should work on your pace, do not leave things undone. Whether it is a room a day, ensure you do something and consider giving yourself a timeframe to get it all done. For instance, you might want to organize the entire house in a week. 

Go Room by Room

Many people try doing everything in one go when moving to a new home. Well, this might just backfire on your face. You might end up unpacking half of the boxes, leaving the other half for weeks. The best way is to unpack by room. Get a single room done before you move to the next one. This strategy will give you the satisfaction of accomplishing a task at a time. Additionally, it motivates you to take on the next room. You might want to reward yourself every time you complete a room. 

Start with the kitchen

Start by unpacking kitchen items because they are the first things you might want to use when you move to a new home. If your boxes are properly labeled, you should not have a problem locating what you need for the kitchen. You might want to line the cabinets and cupboards first. Alternatively, you can just unpack what you need for the first day. For instance, make sure you unpack and organize what you need to cook and serve food to the family as you plan your tasks. 

Continue to bedrooms and bathrooms

Bathrooms tend to be the easiest place to organize. You can even sneak in some toiletries when organizing other rooms. Unpacking and organizing the bedrooms gives the family a sanctuary in the new home. Moving can be overwhelming for kids. Therefore, you should ensure they get where to sleep and rest in good time. You might also want to involve the kids according to their capabilities. Ask where they would like their pictures hung or bed placed. 

Tackle common rooms last

Common rooms are places everyone share. They include the living room, family rooms, dining area, and recreational facilities. Here, you need the entire family’s involvement when unpacking and organizing the rooms. Let every family member choose where and how they want their items organized. This is the best way for the family to own space in the new home. This strategy is more likely to prevent arguments about missing or misplaced items since everyone is expected to know the whereabouts of their belongings.  

Declutter as You Unpack

As you organize your new home after a move, one thing to consider is to declutter as you unpack. Most people start with unpacking everything and then think of decluttering later. This strategy works, but it takes a lot of time. Additionally, you might end up skipping decluttering after you have unpacked everything and feel tired. Remember to clean before you keep things away. The best way to do this is by getting rid of things you do not need as you unpack. If you see things that need cleaning, do not keep them away before they are cleaned. 

Decorate after unpacking everything

As you unpack, you are more likely to come across décor items. You might be tempted to start decorating your new home straight away. However, you should set this task aside as the last one. Wait until you have arranged everything in its rightful place before you think of decorating. This strategy will help you decorate better because you can see everything you need and the unnecessary holes you need to fill up. Since every home is different, you might find more or less space after arranging items in the house. Therefore, ensure everything gets space then proceed with the décor.

The bottom line

Staying organized after moving to a new home can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful things. You will have to address the clutter and have items arranged properly at the same time. The best way to get it done is to use labels to organize stuff and follow these tips when unpacking and organizing your new place.