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10 Tips for Gift Giving on a Tight Budget

The holidays are a great time to give and to receive. I love shopping during the holidays, but I’m always on a tight budget. After all, Dave Ramsey doesn’t want you going into debt just to buy Christmas (and I totally agree). So if you’re on a budget, please check out these 10 tips for gift giving on a tight budget.

I hope these tips will help you plan ahead and save when it comes to gift giving!

10 Tips for Gift Giving on a Tight Budget

10 Tips for Gift Giving on a Tight Budget

Have a plan in place- When it comes to the holidays and gift buying, I like to have a plan in place. I like to know who I’m buying for and what I’m buying for them.

Choose an adventure experience – Adventure experiences are the Dynamic Gift option, filled with fun and adrenaline, perfect for even the most adventurous adrenaline junky. Get active with an outdoor experience such as paintballing, zip-lining or Go Ape, challenge your mind with immersive game show experiences such as The Crystal Maze, or reach new heights completing a skydive or bungee jump. Adventure experiences give even the most mellow person in the family the opportunity to unleash their inner daredevil and are bound to be a gift they’ll never forget. Plus, they don’t have to cost too much either.

Have a budget in mind- Just because you have a tight budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a budget in mind. Every penny you spend should be budgeted for.

Go for the sales- Every great budgeter and gift buyer knows to always go for the sales.

No one needs to know what you spent– You can get someone an awesome gift and not pay a huge price for it.

Keep your list small– A budget is a budget is a budget, you can’t make it grow just because your list grows. One way to give gifts on a tight budget is to keep your list small.

Don’t go for the expensive stuff– One way I give on a tight budget is by limiting what I buy. I never go for the expensive stuff. In fact, I’m rather practical.

Do a gift exchange– Another way to gift on a tight budget is to do a gift exchange. This is where you don’t have to buy a gift for everyone! You only buy for a few people.

Be confident in your gift giving abilities- I think oftentimes, our gifts we give our perfect, but we let our insecurities get the best of us. Give with confidence.

Stay practical- One of my best tips for gift giving on a budget is staying practical. Buy something you know they’ll need. If you don’t know what they need then give them a gift card or cash instead. Even if the person you are gifting is in a country far away you can send money and gift cards. For example, you can send money to Bangladesh via a money transfer service.

Stay away from credit cards– At all costs, don’t get sucked into the credit card buying scheme. You don’t save more money when you use credit cards!


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