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10 Ways to Make Your Child Love Their Room

A child’s room should be a reflection of who they are. They need to showcase their style, interests, and be a place they can unwind. After all, being a kid can be tough!

So as parents we should not only encourage more time for our children to be in their rooms, but we should help them make it a place they WANT to be in. I’ve began thinking on how I can make my son love his room more so I want to share with you 10 Ways to Make Your Child Love Their Room. These ideas are ones I am incorporating in my own home and cannot wait to share with you how well it goes!

10 ways to make your child love their room

10 Ways to Make Your Child Love Their Room

  1. Incorporate a theme. Whether it is cars, a superhero, or even a princess, choosing a theme for your child’s room can help them feel comfortable and even excite them enough to be in it. Shopping for themed rooms are also quite fun!
  2. Organize the space. These days kids have so much stuff and that stuff continues to pile up especially when parents claim those items are sentimental (I am guilty of that). So find unique ways to organize the space and keep it a clutter-free environment.
  3. Choose engaging colors and patterns. Colors can make or break certain moods so choose wisely when designing your child’s space. Bright colors and fun patterns can engage your child’s learning and make their room feel exciting.
  4. Make it a space for learning. Kids are curious creatures and we can encourage that curiosity by giving them ways to learn without even knowing it. Placing puzzles, games, books, and more we can have a play where they can have fun and learn at the same time.
  5. Make it safe. Sometimes kids dislike their room simply because they feel scared in it. Have a nightlight (or two), a fan going, soft music playing, check under the bed for monsters, keep the closet closed at night, etc. All of these things can keep your child feeling safe and secure so they will love their room.10 ways to make your child love their room featured
  6. Make it fun. White walls and a bare room isn’t exactly a fun room. Put toys, games, craft supplies, fun pictures and more in the room. It will give your child a reason to go in there and play.
  7. Make it comfortable. Whether it’s a comfortable chair, bed, table, or even rug, it will help make the space comfortable and cozy. Children love those two things and I mean, who doesn’t?
  8. Show your interest in their room. Kids often love things if their parents do. By showing interest in their room and even spending time with them in it, it will quickly become a space they love and are proud of.
  9. Allow friends over. Kids love play dates and showing off their room can make it that more fun. If it’s a fun room that their friends love, naturally your child will love it too.
  10. Make an area for some quiet time. A book nook is a fantastic way to make a space within your child’s space that is designated for reading and quiet time. A good book, silence, and your child’s imagination can be such a great experience for them.

How to Shop for a Kids Room

Shopping is usually the funnest part when it comes to making your child’s space one they will love. While I do like shopping in-store for some things, I also love the ability to shop online because I can read reviews and totally shop in my pajamas. One site that I check out often is They have such a large selection of items and they usually always have promo codes to use to save on your purchase. It makes shopping and saving so much easier.

Recently, I was browsing their website for furniture to redesign my son’s room. He is in need of a new, more grown up look and some more storage solutions for the space he does have. He is also learning to read and I figured a book nook space was right up his alley. I ended up purchasing a variety of items and wanted to share the Boys Book Nook Inspiration I put together!

boys book nook inspiration

Don’t you just love the colors? I do! I think it screams all boy and is something that is a little more grown up. I also think the items can be used my son gets older.

So watch out for my next post because I am going to share with you the before and after book nook space of my son’s room!

When you are shopping at make sure you check out their PBS Kid Zone section. When you shop these products, a percentage of sales will be donated to support PBS Kids.