10 Ways To Save $10 A Day

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When it comes to saving, you want quick and easy ways to get that “quick win” in your bank account. I get it. That is why you need to start with these 10 Ways To Save $10 Today so you can be on your way to saving to achieve your financial goals.

There are so many ways to save money but some ways require time and energy that many of us just don’t have.

Many ideas are also a given like taking lunch to work with you but there are other ways you may not entirely think of.

These ideas are meant to help you save $10 quickly so you can enjoy more of your time and money!

10 Ways To Save $10 Today

Avoid Starbucks.

Okay, I know, this is dangerous territory but hear me out… The average person spends around $3.00 a day on a coffee (just the coffee not including tip).

You can save that and already be half way to saving your $10!

Eat at Home.

Yes, I know eating out is convenient and oh so, good. But here’s the thing – it’s expensive. Your lunch out with friends on your break, your quick run to the gas station or the fast-food on the way home from a long day at work is costing you a lot. Eat at home and save money.

Get Generic.

Just about everything from medication to groceries have a generic brand and you can save a lot by purchasing generic brand items. They are the exact same but you’ll pay less.

Avoid Temptations Like Target.

LOL okay one of my weaknesses when it comes to spending money is Target. There is far too many things I want in that store. Oh and Hobby Lobby too. I avoid those temptations as much as possible when I am trying to save money or stay within my budget. There is nothing wrong with admitting you have a problem, it’s just ensuring you find a solution to that problem. If you can’t stop spending, avoid the temptation altogether.

Visit Free Events

I know what it’s like to want to have all the money in the world to take your family to have fun and visit events. However, there are so many free events going on all the time that you can take advantage of these and save money.

All you need to do it Google search “free local events” and bam they arrive in a blink of an eye.

Call Your Cable/Internet/Cell Phone Company and Threaten to Quit.

Okay, I’ll be honest, depending on your provider this might take a few more minutes but it’ll be worth it. All you do is call and press the button to threaten to cancel. You’ll immediately be transferred to a customer service professional. Tell them you want to cancel because you can’t afford your bill and watch them offer you all sorts of discounts and special “deals”. You’ll save money instantly.

Turn up your AC a few degrees.

I got an email from my power company a few months back that mentioned that for every degree you turn up on your thermostat, you save 3% in energy usage and on your bill. I did it and cut my bill in almost half! Full disclosure: I now keep my cooling at 74-75 degrees. You can also use a smart thermostat like I do to keep it set this way.

Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Need

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve forgotten about a subscription until I ended up receiving a bill for renewal. It’s worth the few minutes to go through your PayPal and bank accounts to find subscriptions you no longer need.

Utilize Coupons

One of my favorite ways to save money instantly is to use coupons on anything and everything I can. In fact, on my iPhone I have two folders one is “Stores” and one is “Restaurants”. I then have the apps downloaded for my favorite places. For example, I like to eat at Cafe Rio sometimes so, I have their app and I get coupons. On days I have a coupon, I go. I also have the Walgreens, Target and Smith’s app because you can load digital coupons right to your account/card.

Use Only Cash

Avoid using credit cards for purchases and you can save not only instantly, but also in the long run because you’ll avoid additional fees and interest. Using cash will also help you stay on budget.

Okay, hopefully these ideas will help you save $10 a day. If you have any other ideas comment below and let us know!

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