100+ Fun Things to Do This Summer with Kids

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Summer is almost upon us and if your kids are already out for school or just about to be, you know that the struggle of keeping them active, happy, and entertained is going to be very real.

Before you stress out I have a solution.

In fact, I have over 100 solutions (and will add to it regularly). Here are 100+ Fun Things to Do This Summer with Kids.

100 Fun Things to Do This Summer with Kids

100+ Fun Things to Do This Summer with Kids

I will mention that some of these ideas are no brainers. Yes, some are very simple but sometimes the most fun comes from those that are simple and free! 😉

Go on a walk

Make some homemade sidewalk chalk and draw shapes and explore colors.

Have a water balloon fight. Um, have you seen these brilliant little balloons that fill themselves?

Have a summer nature scavenger hunt

Start a garden (or work in an existing one)

Make homemade slime

Go to the Zoo (really when is the last time you’ve been?)

Write notes to friends and family and mail them to them.

Build a sand castle (if you live somewhere with sand, if not – buy some!)

Play an old board game – Candy Land anyone?

Camp in your backyard

Go swimming

Go to the local museum

Go on a hike

Visit a new local restaurant – trying new food is always fun!

Go take pictures of random things and places – give kids a disposable for some extra independence and fun!

Take music lessons together as a family (you might even start a new band)

Have a yard sale (make some extra vacation cash)

Go the park

Have a meet up with some new friends from your class (a good way to make new friends before another school year starts)

Make a lemonade stand and sell lemonade

Make some homemade bubbles and see how big of a bubble you can make

Make homemade ice cream

Visit a local historical site

Go fishing

Make a scrapbook of all your favorite memories

Volunteer around your community

Take a spontaneous vacation somewhere nearby home

Host a bake sale

Build a new LEGO set (uh, LEGO’s are always fun!)

Go to the drive-in movies

Have a water gun fight

water gun fight

Make homemade lemonade

Have a puppet show

Learn a new language

Play i-Spy

Go camping

Host karaoke night

Host a luau (can anyone hula?)

Visit a family member you haven’t seen in awhile

Go to a farm and feed some animals

Make homemade slurpees (they are easier to make than you think)

Take a cooking class

Volunteer at a pet shelter (who doesn’t want to play with puppies all day?)

Make some S’Mores

Visit your local library

Go bowling

Bake some delicious cookies

Make a homemade slip n’ slide

Visit a local amusement park

Go midnight bowling (it’s comic and so fun)

Take dance lessons together

Have a barbecue

Make homemade snow cones

Make a homemade butterfly feeder

Host a neighborhood car wash

Read a new book series

Run through the sprinklers

Make a “bored jar” and never be bored again

Have a slumber party

Catch fireflies

Make a pet rock

Explore science – this science book has lots of amazing ideas

Make homemade water bombs

Host a painting party

Go to a trampoline park (these are actually a lot of fun and wear kids out!)

Take a car ride through the mountains

Make a dream catcher

Visit a national park

Make a glow in the dark bowling set

Host night games in your neighborhood

Make homemade marshmallow shooters

Learn a new song and sing it

Make homemade play dough

Go back to school shopping (it’s never too early)

Take a baking class

Write a short story together (you might just be the next best selling author)

Build a fort

Have an at-home spa night

Fly a kite

Walk a dog (or several from your neighborhood)

Take a tour of your new school (great for those heading to a new school or moving up in grades)

Count the stars at night

Pick some wildflowers and make a display for your table

Join a new sports team

Play badminton

Make a homemade water blob

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go on a bike ride

Feed the ducks at a local park

Catch some bugs (no spiders please!)

Go to the beach and find seashells

Visit a local fire station

Go on a picnic

Tell scary stories

Play some fun video games

Visit a local festival

Have a random dance break

Make homemade crayons

Play dressup

Slip n’ Slide Baseball Field (see what I mean here)

Mail a Flat Stanley (Flat Stanley= a paper doll boy they also have a book about him. Kids make the part boy and you mail him to people and they say where he got to visit etc. Send pics of his adventures.)

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