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11 Sports That Can Help Keep You Fit

There are a lot of good things that come from playing a team sport (or any sport). When the weather heats up, there is nothing as good as getting out with your team on a Saturday morning and playing for a while. It doesn’t really matter if you are into full contact, super intense sports, or more calming sports there will be something for you. 


One of the best things about tennis is that it can be played in any season, and it doesn’t matter your skill level when you start. There will be a club for you. You can spend hours playing doubles in summer, or you can find a friend to play matches with. Over time you will probably join a club and increase your skill level and your social circle too. It is great exercise, but more importantly, it is a lot of fun. 


Or football depending on where you live. It is one of the most popular sports in Europe and Soccer is growing at a rapid rate in America too. One of the cool things about football is that you can play with the kids in the garden, at the park, or kick it up a notch and start playing for fun with your local clubs. 

Soccer is great for keeping fit, and you can decide how dedicated to the sport you want to be. It isn’t typically high impact either, although you might end up with the odd twisted ankle. The rules of soccer are pretty easy to pick up too, so you can play a game wherever you are. 

Rock Climbing

While some team sports are about the morale you can all raise together to win a match, rock climbing can be a very person mind over matter situation. Starting off small at your local rock climbing wall, with lessons and guidance, you may very well end up scaling huge cliffs without the ropes. You don’t need many kits to get started, and rock climbing trainers are more widely available now than ever before. 


This can start as a really low impact and relaxing way to get moving. But over time, you might find you are timing your fastest lengths and becoming very invested in watching swim galas as well as other water-based sports like synchronized swimming, water polo, and the Olympics. Many people worry about their body when they consider getting into the water, but it is one of the best ways to get moving if it has been a while. 

Water Polo

Swimming is a great precursor to water polo. Water polo might be one of the best team aquatic sports, or team sports in general, that you can get involved in. You don’t need much beyond the main three skills swimming ability, able to float and pass a ball. The goal is to get the ball to the rival side and in the back of the net.


One of the biggest sports in America and a lot of fun to play recreationally too. If you have never played baseball before they rule don’t take long to get to grips with, and as it is a team sport, your team will help you out. There are usually many smaller clubs in any given area, and over time you might just find you are getting your own chicken wings ready to watch a game on the weekend. 


It is important that you start slowly and build up your distance before you throw yourself in at the deep end and decide that you need to do a 10k marathon. There are many mobile phone apps and online programs that can help you go from couch to 5k in 5 weeks or less. But it takes dedication or support. Both of which you can get if you join a running club. They will typically head out a few times a week, and there will be different speeds and distances too. 

“Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.”

— Unknown


If the only thing you think about when you think of hockey is the flying V from Mighty Ducks, then it might be time to update your knowledge. Hockey is on the higher end of the contact spectrum, but you’ll be heavily padded. Teams become like family, and the better you get, the more likely it is that you can hear your friends and family cheering for you from the bleachers. Hockey is a really exciting sport, and you can see what 2020 holds by following the link. 


If you want to go all out with your team, then volleyball is the one for you. The coordination level you require is pretty high. The reason for this is you are only allowed to touch the ball once before it goes to another team member. 

The court looks similar to a tennis court, and each team will consist of 6 players each. There is a lot of leg and arm work required to play well. Not only that but listening to instructions and acting on them with speed is essential. 

“There are six people around the court, and it’s literally like a ballet. And fundamentals are at the core of everything you do.” — Caren Kemner


On the surface, it might not sound too challenging, but actually, handball is one of the most challenging team sports. It has a wide range of rules, and in fact, might be one of the most technical team sports listed. Each team has 7 players, 6 on the court and one in the goal. Both teams will be aiming to throw the ball into their opponent’s goal. It is all about speed, hustle and accuracy to win this one. 


Basketball is a super popular sport, so getting classes or joining a team shouldn’t be too expensive. Typically you will have two teams of five, and the aim is to get the ball through your opponent’s side of the court and the ball in the basket. The scoring is pretty easy, each basket is 2 points, free throws made outside the key are worth 1 and 3 points. Teamwork is essential here, and because the team is relatively small, you learn to rely on each other pretty quickly. 

Why Social Sports?

Sports are great because most of the time you are having so much fun that you forget you are working out at all. But they have more than just physical benefits for the people who are taking part. Teams and clubs are supportive places, and they all understand what other people are going through and their goals. This can help people develop confidence in themselves that they didn’t have before. 

Teamwork isn’t just prevalent in sports, it is something that extends to work-life too. And if you have a team sport as your hobby, you have something that can demonstrate your ability to both work together and compete in a healthy way. Teams bring a sense of belonging too. 

The benefits of team sports don’t just stop at the person doing them either, it is often the case that friends, family and children will get involved in the sport in some way too. Which is encouraging even more people to enjoy being active. It has been suggested that joining teams can be one of the most beneficial things that can happen in early childhood to lay the foundations for the rest of life too!