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13 Bedroom Closet Hacks You Need To Try Now

Closets are typically meant to hide the clutter which is why it’s hard to get them (and keep them) organized.

But, traditional organizing is no fun. I love closet hacks and I have become quite obsessed with them. So today I wanted to share with you these 13 Bedroom Closet Hacks you need to try now! I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

13 bedroom closet hacks

13 Bedroom Closet Hacks You Need To Try Now

  1. Space Saving Closet Hangers saves so much space and is sturdy.
  2. This Scarf Organizer is super handy to organize my scarves.
  3. Rain Gutter Guard Earring Holder keeps all your stylish earrings in one easy place.
  4. This hanging bra organizer is the perfect way to keep bras neatly organized and displayed.
  5. PVC Pipe Shoe Holder will save space and look cool.
  6. Got boots? This pool noodle hack is a great way to organize and keep your boots in shape.
  7. An old wine rack can be used to store small clutches.
    13 bedroom closet hacks2
  8. Have loads of flip flops to organize? Magazine organizers are perfect for that purpose! And if you’re ditching the traditional magazines to go digital, give the best issuu alternative a try!
  9. You know how clothes always fall off the hanger? Try this hot glue hanger hack and that issue will be no more!
  10. Makeover your closet with ideas from these awesome inspirational closets.
  11. Have jewelry, belts, and smaller items to organize? Of course you do! Try this mounted pegboard idea!
  12. Free up some closet space with this t-shirt drawer organizational tip.
  13. Get your scarves organized with PVC pipe. It’s such an inexpensive way to do it.
    13 bedroom closet hacks3

What’s your favorite hack from this list? Tell me in the comments below!

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