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15 Brilliant Ways to Use Baby Wipes

It’s common knowledge that baby wipes are an essential in any parent’s arsenal. Designed for the delicate task of cleaning a baby’s skin, these moisture-rich towelettes are gentle, convenient, and incredibly versatile.

But did you know that their uses extend far beyond diaper changes? The mild nature of baby wipes, combined with their ability to quickly clean and refresh surfaces, makes them a surprisingly effective tool in many other contexts.

Whether you’re a parent looking to stretch your dollar, a creative DIY enthusiast, or someone who simply loves finding new ways to use everyday items, this list is for you. Here are 15 Brilliant Ways to Use Baby Wipes that you might not have considered.

brilliant ways to use baby wipes

15 Brilliant Ways to Use Baby Wipes

Makeup Remover: Gentle and effective, baby wipes can serve as an excellent, budget-friendly alternative to high-end makeup removers.

Screen Cleaner: Their mild, non-abrasive properties make baby wipes ideal for cleaning screens on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Quick Bathroom Cleanup: Baby wipes are perfect for quick spot-cleaning in the bathroom. They work wonders on sinks, faucets, and countertops.

Car Detailing: Use baby wipes for a quick clean-up of your car’s interior. They’re great for dusting surfaces and cleaning sticky spills.

Freshen Up Clothing: Quickly refresh clothes with a baby wipe to remove light stains or deodorant marks.

Houseplant Leaf Shine: Gently clean and shine your houseplant leaves with a wipe to remove dust and improve their appearance.

Travel Freshener: Carry a pack in your travel bag for quick clean-ups or refreshing during long trips.

Shoe Cleaner: Baby wipes can help clean the exterior of shoes, removing dirt and giving them a quick shine.

Art Eraser: For artists working with pastels, charcoal, or colored pencils, baby wipes can be used to create interesting effects or remove unwanted lines.

Pet Paw Cleaner: Baby wipes are excellent for cleaning muddy paws after a walk, helping keep your home clean.

Eyeglasses Cleaner: They can effectively clean lenses and frames without damaging them.

First Aid: In a pinch, they can be used to clean minor cuts and scrapes.

Dusting Tool: Ideal for dusting household items like blinds, electronics, and furniture.

Cooling Towel: On hot summer days, a chilled baby wipe can serve as a cooling towel.

Craft Cleanup: Ideal for cleaning up small craft messes like glue, glitter, or paint.

Need some additional ideas? Make sure you check out this extensive list of 101 Ways to Use Baby Wipes!

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Saturday 13th of June 2015

I didn't realize hospitals selected Huggies as their brand of choice! What a great endorsement!


Sunday 14th of June 2015

Thanks Kim! At least at my local hospitals (here in Utah) they use Huggies brand as their choice for newborn diapers. 2 Kids and 5 years and I've never seen them use another brand. :)