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15 Brilliant Ways to Use Baby Wipes

Most the time when we head to the store to purchase baby wipes we are doing it with the intention of using it for our baby’s bottom.  However, they really are something you can use every day in your life! Don’t believe me? Below is 15 Brilliant Ways to Use Baby Wipes aside from using them for your baby!

brilliant ways to use baby wipes

15 Brilliant Ways to Use Baby Wipes:

  1. To remove makeup.
  2. To clean the car. (My favorite is cleaning off the dashboard- so much dust piles on there)
  3. To remove deodorant stains from clothing. I cannot tell you how often I get deodorant marks on my black t-shirts, wipes are a lifesaver!
  4. To clean frosting of a cake plate cake. Okay, so if you have ever frosted a cake you’ve probably made a mess during the process. Use a wipe to clean up the edges on the plate to make it look more presentable!
  5. To clean off your cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. <— Do you even know what stuff is on these things?!
  6. To clean off heater/cooling vents. Those things get NASTY!
  7. To pick up hair strands off the bathroom walls and floors. If you are a woman, you know what this is like!
  8. To clean the ick and stick out of the fridge.
  9. To clean off bikes, scooters, and other outdoor play toys that have been in storage all winter long.
  10. To wipe down video game controllers. My husband really likes it when I do that! 😉
  11. To clean the inside of a washer.
  12. To wipe off the outside of fruits and vegetables.
  13. To remove hair dye of skin.
  14. To clean build up off your toothbrush.
  15. To clean out essential oil bottles so you can repurpose them!

Need some additional ideas? Make sure you check out this extensive list of 101 Ways to Use Baby Wipes!

Now I want to say that I am pretty biased when it comes to baby wipes. Some are so cheap and thin that they just tear during use. Others contain way too much fragrance for my liking and some are even rough and irritating to my baby’s skin. That is why I truly am what I refer to myself as a “Huggies Mom”. Ever since I became a mom (a little over 5 years ago) I have used Huggies products. I have always figured that there is a reason why Huggies is the chosen brand of hospitals and it’s because their products are wonderful! I can tell you that I have redeemed thousands of Huggies rewards points over the years because I continually buy their products over and over!

Baby wipes in general is a product that is very versatile and with a brand like Huggies behind them, you can’t go wrong. So while you are out enjoying yourself this summer, make sure you pack Huggies Baby Wipes so you can have fun playing and exploring knowing that at the end you can be mess free!

You can find Huggies products including these fun Disney themed Huggies Wipes at Walmart!

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Saturday 13th of June 2015

I didn't realize hospitals selected Huggies as their brand of choice! What a great endorsement!


Sunday 14th of June 2015

Thanks Kim! At least at my local hospitals (here in Utah) they use Huggies brand as their choice for newborn diapers. 2 Kids and 5 years and I've never seen them use another brand. :)