15 Clever Uses for Flour (Other Than Baking)

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I bet if you go look into your cupboard or pantry right now you have a nice big bag of flour, am I right? I mean, who doesn’t have flour? While flour is most commonly used for baking and cooking, there are actually many clever uses for flour and today I am going to share my favorite 15 of them with you!

I promise after reading this, you won’t look at flour the same way again!

15 clever uses for flour

15 Clever Uses for Flour (Other Than Baking)

  1. You can whip up your kids some homemade playdough that smells so much better than the store bought stuff.
  2. Whip up a batch of homemade fabric stiffener and get to stiffening!
  3. Is your skin dull? Brighten it with a grape and flour paste for your face!
  4. Let your kiddos get crafty with some homemade cloud dough (it’s softer and more moldable than playdough).
  5. Glue is a staple in any household but don’t run to the store when you run out! Make your own homemade glue with this recipe.
  6. Think you need expensive stainless steel cleaner? Think again! Use flour to shine stainless steel!
  7. Summer is coming and if you end up with a terrible fake tan, you can use flour to remove it! 15 clever uses for flour featured
  8. In a rush and can’t shampoo your hair? Don’t sweat it! Make some dry shampoo using flour and be on your way!
  9. Got ants? Get rid of them with flour. Here’s how!
  10. Has your playing cards seen better days? Get rid of the stick by using flour in a baggie with the playing cards to remove the ick.
  11. Flour works great in the garden to remove cabbage worms. Make a flour powder to eliminate these bugs altogether.
  12. Throwing a party that involves a piñata you need to see this recipe for piñata paste!
  13. Over time copper gets dull but you can shine it up with a flour paste.
  14. It’s the worst when you want to enjoy an avocado but it’s not ripe. Well, use flour to ripen it!
  15. Don’t have your husband around to untighten lids all day? Sprinkle a bit of flour on the lids for easy removal! 15 clever uses for flour square

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