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17 Over The Rainbow Recipes

Rainbows are just so bright and cheerful. I love when a newly formed rainbow shines after a rainy spring day. That is why I am getting so excited for spring! I am ready for the warmer weather and beautiful colors to spread across this earth. Since I am always ahead of the game, I am sharing 17 Over The Rainbow Recipes. These are sure to bring a little cheer and color to your day!

17 over the rainbow recipes

17 Over The Rainbow Recipes

  1. These rainbow cupcakes look amazing!
  2. Unicorn poop veggie dip is totally rainbowy and totally fun!
  3. I adore these rainbow waffles for breakfast in the morning. How fun!
  4. These little rainbow marshmallow pops are just too cute!over the rainbow recipes2
  5. My kids would love this rainbow pasta.
  6. Who wouldn’t want to eat this rainbow slushie? So amazing!
  7. I want to make these rainbow bars with my boys, they’d love it.
  8. I know this is a rainbow pizza worth trying out. YUM!
  9. O wow, I’ve always wanted to make rainbow pie!
  10. A Rainbow Cake Roll? Yes, please!
  11. Learn how to make a Rainbow Cake!
  12. Such a fun thing to do with little ones, Rainbow Pretzel Wands.over the rainbow recipes3
  13. For those of you wanting to stay healthier, rainbow fruit kabobs are a must make!
  14. This Rainbow Jello would be a huge hit in my house because my kids love Jello!
  15. Learn how to make your own fruit and veggie rainbow trays!
  16. How adorable are these rainbow cookies?
  17. And finally, get a load of this amazing Rainbow Swirl Bread.

over the rainbow recipes4

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