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20 DIY Wedding Crafts You Can Make at Home

Planning your wedding is both a fun and stressful time. When it comes to planning the ideal day for you and the one you love there are a lot of elements to balance and get right. 

From sending out save the date postcards to buying the perfect dress: a wedding takes a lot of key elements to make work and you might not have the budget to pay for expensive decorations and other things by the time you have done everything else.

This is why I am sharing 20 DIY Wedding Crafts You Can Make at Home.

Crafting items for your wedding is an amazing idea and it will allow you to create unique things just for you and your big day. Here are some of the fun crafts you can make for your wedding to make it more personal and fun. Of course, these ideas will help you stay within your budget too!

1. Bling Candle Holders

Rhinestone bands will be your new best friend with this craft. If you want to put candles in the center of the tables in your venue, it is a great idea for you to get a plain candle holder and glue some bling to the outside. It will make the tables feel more glitz and glam ideal for the big day.

2. Fairy lights

If you don’t have a lot of money to spare but you still want to make your wedding reception feel special and magical, battery-powered lights are the ideal item. Hang these all around the room and weave leaf garlands through them to make for a stunning effect. 

3. Photo backdrop 

If you don’t want to hire a photo booth for the big day, you can achieve a similar effect with a digital camera on a tripod, and a backdrop for people to stand in front of. A simple white sheet hooked over a couple of chairs is the ideal backdrop and it will allow people to head over during the night and have some fun!

4. LOVE lights 

All you will need to make a gorgeous display for your table is red cardboard and some fairy lights. Cut out the letters for LOVE and then use strips of paper to make the letters 3D. Once they stand on their own, cut some small holes in the back of the cardboard and thread lights through for a cute decoration. 

5. Filled vases 

One great idea for any table decoration at the wedding is to fill vases with coloured balls or rhinestones. However, a good way to save some money on rhinestones is to use baking beans and spray paint them the desired colour you want. Fill the vases almost to the top and drop some rhinestones into the top to fill the gaps.

6. Named wind glasses 

To add a personal touch to your big day, it would be amazing to order some wine glasses online and write the names of your guests on the base. You can do this using a glass marker pen and it will double up as a lovely wedding favor for everyone who attends the wedding. 

7. Glitter glass candle holder 

As well as writing on glass with pen, a fun way to vamp up a boring candle holder would be to paint it with glitter. This craft is one that is fairly easy to do and all you need to make sure of is that you have glue that will stick to glass as well as good quality glitter that is safe for use close to heat. 

8. Paper Balls

Amazon is a wonderful place. And if you are looking to make a celebration to remember for your wedding one of the things you can do is order a bunch of tissue paper balls. These ball decorations come in all colors and sizes, and gathering a few different colors can make for a lovely display that won’t cost the earth. 

9. Handprint guest book 

One amazing way to remember your wedding day as well as gain a new piece of art for the house is to create a handprint or fingerprint guest book. Get a large canvas and paint the outline of a tree, just the branches. Then, during the night your guests can place their finger in ink or washable paint and create leaves for the tree. It is a super unique way to celebrate this day and can be amazing.

10. Crystal Bouquet

For a touch of class to the big day, why not consider adding a few crystals to your bouquet? If you don’t want to do this, you can make mini versions and place them on the tables for guests. 

11. Sparkle Lanterns

Get yourself a small lantern or two for the tables, and fill them with fairy lights or LED candles. Once you have done this, source some holographic glitter and add this to the lanterns, both scattered inside and slight glued to the glass and this will create a stunning effect and give off coloured light. 

12. Autumn leaf bouquet 

If you are getting married in the autumn and you are looking for a new way to show off the season, creating an autumn leaf bouquet is a wonderful idea. Utilise those stunning colours along with deep purple flowers to make you stand out from the crowd. 

13. Homemade place cards

One of the simple crafts you can do when setting up the wedding is create your own unique place cards. There are many different designs you can go with here, and a quick browse on Pinterest should give you some great inspiration for it. 

14. Glitter Trainers 

Although heels look amazing, the reality is that often you will get achy after the ceremony and you may want to swap shoes for something more comfortable. You can vamp up a simple pair of white trainers with glitter and this will at least make them feel a little more in keeping with the day!

15. Wedding Garter

A garter might seem like a bit of an old fashioned concept these days, but actually, a garter can be a cute addition to your bridal outfit. A garter is super easy to make yourself because all you will need is some elasticated lace ribbon and fabric. You can find tutorials online on how to do this and it is super easy!

16. Bridal Hair Comb

Looking to vamp up a normal hair comb to fit your bridal theme? It’s super easy! All you will need to do is paint the comb white if it is a wooden comb, and add some rhinestones or glitter to the handle to make it feel glam. 

17. Ring Pillow

A ring pillow is something that sometimes gets forgotten about when planning a wedding, but it is a lovely touch to the day to make things feel a little more classy. All that you will need for this pillow is some red satin, red ribbon, cushion filling, and a needle and thread. To create the pillow you simple need to cut out 2 identical squares of red satin and sew 3 of the edges together right away. Fill it with cushion filling and then seal the final piece for a cute red pillow. Now cut two small pieces of ribbon, and sew one end of each piece of ribbon approximately 1 inch from the edge of the pillow, make sure the ribbons meet in the middle and are able to tie into a knot. Now, thread the rings to each piece of ribbon and tie into a bow!

18. Ombre petals 

If you are looking to scatter some petals throughout the ceremony room and the reception space, a great idea would be to add a touch of ombre. This is a very simple DIY you can complete as it only requires a bunch of white petals from Amazon and a fabric dye of your choice. Wet the petals slightly in water and lay them out onto a table. Once they are slightly damp, dip each petal into the dye for 2 seconds, and lay out onto the table. Over time, the dye will start to spread over the petal but it will not reach the end. This will create a lovely ombre effect. 

19. Glitter Leaves Garland

A lovely way to vamp up a leaf garland for your wedding day is to add some glitter. For this craft a metallic glitter such as gold or copper is a great choice and will add some beautiful color to the leaves. To create this craft, source a leaf garland, glitter and PVA glue. Paint the edges of each leaf with glue and dip it in glitter. This will add a very simple effect to what was a simple garland, and make it feel fit for a wedding day. 

20. Flower headband

This is a good craft for your bridesmaids. Grab some simple headbands from your local store, along with fake flowers, and glue them on for a floral and cute effect! You can even go one step further here and dip some of the petals in glitter!