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20 Wonderful Watering Can Crafts

There are so many wonderful and interesting things you can do with watering cans so it’s no wonder people are taking them and making something totally awesome and creative! Using recycled materials to create your own watering cans or upcycling your old watering cans is not only eco-friendly, but you can have tons of fun doing it. Decorate your garden, create beautiful centerpieces, play games, and find ways to create your own watering cans from things you have around the house. Play around, have fun and explore these 20 Wonderful Watering Can Crafts!

20 Wonderful Watering Can Crafts #watering #wateringcan #wateringcancrafts #springcrafts #gardening

20 Wonderful Watering Can Crafts

  1. Mother’s Day Personalized Watering Can is something I want to remake this year!
  2. Love this Milk Jug DIY Watering Can for a summer project.

  3. This Cascading Watering Can Feature is such a brilliant idea!
  4. How cute is this Watering Can Repurpose?

  5. This Watering Can Wreath is gorgeous and the perfect way to welcome spring.
  6. The kids will love this Watering Can Garden Art.

  7. You can show your teacher with appreciation with this neat “Helping Me Grow” Gift Idea.20 Wonderful Watering Can Crafts #watering #wateringcan #wateringcancrafts #springcrafts #gardening
  8. I love this homemade Detergent Bottle DIY Watering Can.

  9. I think using Watering Cans for a Wedding Decoration is such a great and inexpensive idea!
  10. Garden Display Ladder is adorable and something we should all make.

  11. I love how vintage this Watering Can Shower Head looks!

  12. Mosaic Memories Watering Can is a must make this year.

  13. Repurposed Vintage Watering Can would be awesome decor.

  14. Elephant Watering Can Craft is the most adorable craft in the world.

  15. DIY Vintage Watering Can is a true statement piece.

  16. This Paint Can Watering Can is something I’d personally love to make.20 Wonderful Watering Can Crafts #watering #wateringcan #wateringcancrafts #springcrafts #gardening

  17. Outdoor Watering Can Feature would look great for this summer.

  18. This Thumb-Controlled Watering Pot is a favorite around here.

  19. Wow this Hanging Flower Pot Watering Can is AMAZING!

  20. Upcycled Watering Can Birdhouse is so adorable!

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Saturday 23rd of April 2016

Thanks so much for sharing my Elephant watering can! This is such a fun post!