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21 Adorable Tulip Crafts

In Utah the weather has been a bit bipolar lately. A few days ago we hit 70 degrees then yesterday and today it’s been snowing. Although I am not too found of the snow this time of year, I am optimistic and know Spring is just right around the corner and with spring comes flowers. Tulips are one flower I wish lasted longer because they are so beautiful so today I am sharing my favorite Tulip Crafts that are totally adorable. Now you can make and enjoy tulips all-year long!

21 Adorable Tulip Crafts #tulip #tulipcrafts #spring #springcrafts

21 Adorable Tulip Crafts

  1. Quilting is something I totally want to do some day and this tulip and butterflies quilt looks like a great start!
  2. I love this tulip craft, it’s perfect for Spring.
  3. This Tissue Paper Tulip Craft is adorable.
  4. If your heart lies with crocheting, you need to make these crocheted tulips!
  5. Use this tutorial to learn how to make Paper Tulips! The kids will love it.
  6. These Tulips are made out of cupcake liners! So much fun for kids and adults.
  7. Give these Yarn Wrapped Tulips a try! Sounds like a fun craft project.
  8. I love the modern and clean look of this tulip wreath.
  9. Learn to make Tulips out of tissue paper and egg cartons!
  10. Wow, this would be an amazing craft, make this wreath for the spring months, inspired by tulips!21 Adorable Tulip Crafts #tulip #tulipcrafts #spring #springcrafts
  11. If you’re feeling super creative, try out these origami tulips.
  12. Wow, you can even make tulips out of potatoes! There are some incredibly crafty people out there.
  13. Learn how to make a 3D Tulip Card with this tutorial.
  14. I love this Tulip Craft, so much fun! You can get really creative with it.
  15. I seriously cannot believe these tulips are made from crepe paper!
  16. Glitter paper and clothespins can make these adorable peg tulips.
  17. Now kids will love this tulip tissue paper collage! I want to make one myself.
  18. This 3-D Tulip Craft is a must make this spring. Don’t you think?
  19. I simply adore this origami tulip craft and will definitely be making it with my kiddos this spring.
  20. Feeling artistic? Learn to paint your own tulips.
  21. Kids will enjoy turn ordinary plastic forks into adorable little tulips!21 Adorable Tulip Crafts #tulip #tulipcrafts #spring #springcrafts