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25 Geek Cookies That Will Make You Proud to Be A Geek

Geeks are everywhere and I like to think that there is a little geek inside us all. So go ahead and enjoy these Geek Cookies. There won’t be any judgement whether you’ve smeared a bit of frosting across your Batman t-shirt or even dropped crumbs onto your cosplay outfit. At the end of the day, we all have one purpose…to be as amazingly geeky as possible so I say, wear it proudly!

Warning: These geek cookies may take you from being 41 to the time before your children were even born. Geek cookies are only intended to look geeky but taste amazingly awesome. If you are unable to reframe from eating an entire box, please consult your nearest comic convention at once to share with fellow geeks. Enjoy!

25 geek cookies

25 Geek Cookies That Will Make You Proud to Be A Geek

  1. Don’t let these Chewbacca Cookies fool you, they make look hard but they are truly CHEWY.
  2. These Jack Skellington cookies will have your taste buds saying “What’s This?…What’s this?”
  3. If unicorns and rainbows are your thing, these Unicorn Poop cookies are just for you!
  4. Find a phone booth and call your mom because these Tardis Cookies are ones you can eat all day long!
  5. These Minion Cookies will remind you of the good ol’ days when your babies could only talk gibberish.
  6. The cake may be a lie, but these Portal Cookies are not!
  7. Waka Waka Waka is the sound you’ll make eating these Pac-Man Cookies.geek cookies1
  8. Once you see these Vault Boy Cookies you will want to lock them up in the vault and keep them away from radiation (or your kids fingers).
  9. Feed your little creeper these Minecraft Creeper Cookies for a satisfying late night snack.
  10. These Pokemon Cookies will help you catch em’ all.
  11. Now you can dominate Tetris with these Tetris Cookies!
  12. Spock would be proud of these Star Trek Cookies!
  13. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA…Batman Cookies!
  14. You won’t believe how these Destiny Exotic Weapon cookies are made!
  15. These Dragon Egg cookies are just for the Game of Thrones fans!
  16. Bew.. Bew…Bew.. These TIE Fighter Cookies will fly right off the plate and into your mouth!
  17. Even the muggles will love these Harry Potter Cookies.
  18. These Ear Cookies inspired by Walking Dead’s Daryl are amazingly eery!
  19. “It’s-a me, Mario!” A Mario Cookie I say!
  20. Heroes unite with these Hearthstone Cookies!geek cookies2
  21. Use your spidey sense to find your way to these Spiderman Cookies.
  22. Once you see these Borderlands Cookies you will want to lock them up in the vault!
  23. The zombies are on the counter….Yes I am talking about Plants vs Zombies Cookies!
  24. The trap master will love these Skylanders Cookies.
  25. Every nerd needs their favorite Controller in a Cookie right? These are awesome!

25 geek cookies featured