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3 Areas of Your Life to Always Keep In Good Order

There’s a sense of control that comes with being organized that you cannot pass on. Being organized also gives you more time for other things and reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed. You become calmer, and you can get more tasks completed. Also, it is a good skill that your kids can learn from you.  It will be great if you could have your whole life in order and you can start with these three aspects.

  1. Your Home

Your home is usually your comfort zone and is where you carry out most of your basic life activities. That’s where you cook your meals, and spend time with those closest to you. If you have young kids, then you might have double the work to do when it comes to organizing; however, it can be done, and you don’t have to be discouraged. Here are some tips that will help.

  • Use labels to organize jars, shelves, coat racks, etc. Labeling saves you the trouble of going through too many things when looking for something. This tip is especially useful for children because they leave less mess when everything is labeled. You’ll also have less work to do when it’s time to tidy up. To make things easier, keep labelers all around the house so that you can organize them on the spot.
  • Try to keep your house organized by tasks because it is easier that way, and it gives you a better picture of how much work you have to do. For example, you can organize places you do laundry, cooking, homework, etc. and then everywhere else after that. 
  • Another way to be organized at home is to color-code your family so that everybody knows what’s theirs. Whenever you buy items like towels, toothbrushes, and lunchboxes, you can buy them in color assigned to that member of the family. That way, it’s possible to keep an eye on things around the house without mixing them up, and everybody knows what’s theirs.
  • You can also try to use more drawers than counters to keep things out of view. For example, in the bathroom, you’re more likely to have things fall to the ground when they’re on the counter than if they’re stored in drawers. It’s easier to clean when surfaces are clutter-free, and you can clean the drawers in your own time without the mess stirring you in the face.

  • Keep jewelry out of the way with a jewelry organizer or even push pins and a corkboard. If you don’t want your jewelry at the mercy of the environment, then the organizer will be best for you. But if you don’t mind, you can use the corkboard and pushpins as decorations for your space. 
  • Be more creative with your containers as storage for all kinds of items. You can use an ice cube tray, for example, to keep tiny objects. It is also a good way to teach your kids to be organized by using containers lying around the house. 
  • To prevent your home from getting clutter easily, you can keep declutter bags in every room. The purpose of these bags will be to put stuff you’re not sure where to put and sort out later. This tip is useful for busy moms, or maybe you’re just tired and need a little break.
  1. Habits & Character

Your starting point to becoming organized should be yourself. Having good habits with regard to organizing will help you to keep other aspects of your life also in order. Take a look at these habits that will help you stay organized.

  • Finishing what you start is an excellent habit to pick up if you want to be more organized in general. It is incomplete work that leads to disorganization or clutter and so it will help to bring that behavior to a stop. For example, if you take a book off the shelf, put it back after reading it. And if you take a bowl from the kitchen, eat, wash, dry it, and replace it. Once you have mastered that skill, it’ll be easier to keep your space organized for longer.
  • Starting small is a secret to finishing a more complex task because little drops of water make an ocean. Make it a habit of choosing one project, focusing on it and finishing it before moving on. Set realistic goals for yourself, be it daily, weekly or monthly goals to serve as guidelines to stay organized. It’ll be much less overwhelming to do one thing at a time and so focus on those small steps rather than the load of work you have to finish.
  • Learn to let go of things so that they do not become the reason why you are disorganized. Hoarding means more stuff, and more stuff means more clutter. Once you learn how to let go, you’ll be more organized. If you know you’re not going to use some things, then you should not keep them. You can either sell, throw away, or donate them depending on how reusable they are. Keep one or two organizations you can contribute to and make it a point to always send stuff to them.
  • Another habit to acquire up in light of letting things go is not to get new things you do not need. Learn how to shop for what you only need so that you don’t end up with more stuff. Learn the principle of one in one out to ensure there’s a balance. Recreational shopping is a bad habit that you shouldn’t encourage, so try very much to resist the temptation, and it’ll make a big difference.
  • Piling is another bad habit that should not be encouraged if you want to be more organized. That is one sure way that you surrender your space to clutter. When you learn how to avoid piles, it’ll generally be more manageable for you to keep things in place once and for all.
  • Another habit to master is learning to stack things. Placing large objects over smaller ones hide the smaller one making it easier for you to mess things up looking for it. You’ll not lose stuff if they’re in sight and accessible and so learn to arrange things that way so that you can stay organized for longer.
  1. Work & Business

Whether you work remotely or in an office, being organized allows you the peace of mind and liberty to be efficient. It will also be useful for business if you have everything in order, and your clients will appreciate it. Take a look at these few helpful tips on keeping your business life in check.

  • Keep the shredder next to the scanner or printer so that you can immediately get rid of documents you do not need. Doing that prevents you from taking papers you do not need to your desk and increases the chances of a messy work area.
  • Going paperless is a document management strategy that allows you to keep your important documents online and prevent clutter. When it comes to being efficient in organizing your business or work life, technology is an excellent tool to use. There are a lot of tools, programs, devices, and software that allow you to do so much with very little effort. The amount of paper to use on a regular can be overwhelming, and so going paperless is a smart idea.
  • Have a box for all your receipts so that you don’t scurry for them when you need them. Keeping the receipts in one box makes it easier for you to sort out. Make sure to sort out the case regularly so that it does not overflow. If possible, get a file in which you can keep the receipts by dates. You can also use paper clips to put together receipts and papers that are related.
  • Another way to keep clean at work is to tidy up after each task is completed. This method involves putting all the work you have to do on your desk and then tidying as you complete each task. By the time you’re done with your work, you have a clean desk as well.
  • Managing space and storage allows you to accommodate all the work coming in. If you work from home, having a designated area for work will help you keep business separate from home activities. 
  • Decorate the office in a way that you have enough light coming in, and ensure that your furniture is in the right spot so that everything is accessible.
  • Keep a trash bin close to you so that the chances of the office floor getting dirty are reduced. 

These tips on office management apply even if you do not work at home. You’ll notice that you’re more efficient with your work when your space is well organized than when it’s not.

Organizational skills are good for everybody, and even so, if you want to be productive. Forming good habits form the basis for which you will be organizing other aspects of your life. Your home is your comfort space where you spend the majority of your time as it will be nice to keep it neat. Having an organized business also increases the chances of success and gives you a professional look. Incorporate these tips into your routine to become more productive, no matter the environment you’re in.