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3 Fun & Rewarding Challenges To Try In January

January challenges are always good ways to start your year. There are many different ideas circulating, but the best challenges are those that actually benefit you and teach you something new. So, here are three of the most fun & rewarding challenges to try throughout the month.

money stacked on table

No Spend Challenge

The No Spend Challenge is a very popular one in January, particularly after Christmas and New Year. Families spend a lot of money over the last few months of the year, meaning January is normally where credit card bills have to be paid, and money can be very tight.

With this challenge, the aim is to avoid spending a penny outside of your essential payments. If it’s not a bill or something you need to buy, you don’t buy it! As a result, it teaches you to live simply and shows you just how much money you can save when you try. 

Dry January

Dry January is a challenge that (again) comes off the back of your December exploits. Here, the aim of the game is to cut down your alcohol consumption. In fact, you reduce it so much that you avoid a drop of the stuff throughout the month! After Christmas and the New Year celebrations, many of you probably think you should check into alcohol rehab due to all the champagne and Baileys you’ve drunk.

I’m joking, of course, but that’s how it feels at times! So, Dry January is a great challenge to help you cleanse your body and avoid alcohol for a few weeks. Plus, it helps you cut down on your spending as well!

30-Day Fitness Challenge

A lot of people have New Year’s resolutions to be fitter and exercise more frequently. Consequently, you see loads of 30-Day Fitness Challenges popping up in January.

With these challenges, you’re basically committing to an exercise routine for the entire month. Every single day, you will do some form of physical activity. On some days, this can mean you do a full-on workout. On others, it could be something lighter – like going for a walk or doing some yoga. The point is that you force yourself to be fit for a month, reaping the health benefits. 

What’s the point in all of these challenges in January? For one, they can help you start the new year with a fresh perspective. It can feel hard to focus after the festive season, so these challenges give you something to think about. Also, they’re all designed to help you address some of the main concerns after Christmas. Whether you spent too much, drank too much, or ate too much, these challenges can ensure that those habits were just a one-off! 

Perhaps most importantly of all, taking part in monthly challenges can demonstrate to you how easy it is to change certain behaviors. After the month is up, you might now realize that you can easily save more money every month, you don’t need to drink as much alcohol, and you can happily stick to a fitness routine.