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3 Inexpensive Interior Tricks to Make Your Home Look Pricey

Many people love to decorate their homes simply out of choice, but the challenge is often how to do so without breaking the bank. Are you interested in sprucing up your home with a few interior design tricks? In a CivicScience home interior survey, 53% of Americans believe furniture is the most important element in decorating and making a home look pricey. However, there are other ways to do so, including the tips below: 

  1. Change your lighting

A statement light fixture always adds personality to a home. Whether placed high up the ceiling, on a wall, or mantelpiece, lighting is the conduit through which your decorating theme speaks. The right type and its appropriate positioning create a focal point in the area it’s set up. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of light fixtures which are affordable and stylish, such as a cylinder lampshade or drum light fixture.

One particular lighting fixture that doesn’t need much introduction is the chandelier, a classic lighting piece that gives an interior space an upgraded and pricey look. Due to the variety it offers, it’s not difficult to find the best design and quality that suits your space. For example, if you’re already searching for a Venetian design, make sure you consider a Murano chandelier for quality and durability.

  1. Strategically position your mirrors 

Most pricey homes have an almost endless supply of wide interior space. Perhaps, you desire to bring a sense of that into your own home but lack the creative eye. Suppose that’s the situation you find yourself in; mirrors are the perfect solution as they create space and depth when strategically placed. Besides reflecting images in range, they reflect natural and artificial lights, making the room appear bigger.

To achieve the desired effect, place your statement mirror closer to the window or a light source. This’ll immediately double up the room’s visual range, creating that look you desire. Other locations to consider are your home’s small entryways, dining areas, and living rooms. Furthermore, if your style is not a large statement piece mirror, consider a cluster of design mirrors that’ll look like an intricate art piece on your walls. Grouped mirrors can turn a bland wall into a vibrant art space.

  1. Create the illusion of higher ceilings and windows

Indeed, not everyone can afford that extra square meter of space in their homes. However, there are few tricks you can use to create that effect. In an expensive interior space, windows are elongated to create a sense of grandeur and opulence; the trend started in the medieval era and stayed to this day. To achieve the same result in your home, you don’t need to restructure your windows; all you need to do is drill curtain rod holders above your windows’ upper end.

After that, use drapes or curtains long enough to flow to the very edge of your floor. The effect is instant, especially when you choose the right fabric for your drapes. Velvet is a chic, expensive and popular fabric used for curtains in pricey home decors; however, an alternative works just fine. Velour is similar to velvet but is less expensive. It has an incredibly soft feel and plush enough to create the same effect velvet would have.

Individual preferences drive home decoration and what you choose to do is solely dependent on you. Besides, you have the liberty to create whatever expensive home décor theme you choose. In doing so, however, look for alternative ways to do this without breaking the bank.