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3 Ways To Save On LuLaRoe Clothes

Hi, my name is Brittanie and I am a LuLaRoe addict. My last purchase was 2 days ago… Yes, that totally sounds like I am in AA but something for LuLaRoe, maybe LLRA (LuLaRoe Anonymous?) Anyways, I will say I have been bitten by the LuLa Bug and I love LuLaRoe clothes way too much. After ordering dozens of items myself, I started wondering how I could really save on all of these purchases I was making and found a few ways. So here are 3 Ways To Save On LuLaRoe Clothes!

3 Ways To Save On LuLaRoe Clothes

3 Ways To Save On LuLaRoe Clothes

First off, I want to say that the pricing of LuLaRoe clothes is entirely worth it. These clothes are unlike any material you’ve ever worn or felt. They are high-quality clothes that fit in all the right places. You truly cannot go wrong. However, if you are a LuLaRoe addict like myself, you probably want to find ways to save even a little on your purchases. After all, saving a little on one purchase means you have more to spend on the next, right? HA!

So here it goes…

Purchase Enough To Receive Free Shipping

Most consultants have promotions where if you spend a certain amount (usually $100 – $150) in a single purchase you will receive free shipping. This is a great way to save on clothing because for a single item you may pay $3+ for shipping which restarts the following day. So that $3 now becomes $6, and by the end of the week, you could have gotten a pair of leggings in exchange for the cost you spent on shipping. Now, I know sometimes this is hard when you can’t find everything you want in a single sale. You can purchase for others (think birthday’s, Christmas presents, etc.) to meet that minimum. You can also private message the consultant and ask what they have available for sale in your size to help you reach that minimum purchase. Sometimes shipping also varies by weight so even if you buy 2 items you can be paying even more on shipping. Forget the shipping altogether by purchasing enough to get it sent to you for free.

Shop Discounted Items

Just like with any business, sometimes consultants will receive items that have a small defect in them. The consultants can choose to send the item back for credit on their next inventory purchase or can try to sell the item. If the item is a unicorn in the LuLaRoe world (a hard to find item) it makes more sense to try to sell it to one of their amazing customers. Of course, that means since there is a small defect in the item, it will be discounted. I’ve personally seen many album sales on Facebook where the consultant will sell some items that were received damaged. They will usually include a photo of what is wrong with the item. I am not talking about huge rips or tears but maybe a teeny-tiny dot on the fabric or a small snag in the fabric, nothing major but enough of a difference to give a discount. This where you can save a pretty penny on your favorite items!

Shop From The Same Consultants Often

If you are a LuLaRoe addict then you probably have a few consultants that are your favorite, I know I do! And that is a good thing! The majority of consultants have a loyalty program which means you can earn free clothes, discounts, or LuLa cash towards your purchases. Some consultants have the “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” which means free clothes. Some even have weekly giveaways where you can receive tickets on each item you purchase to win free clothes. All of this means the more you buy from those same consultants, the more rewards you can earn. Saving you money and giving you the most out of your LuLaRoe purchases.

Now you know how to save on your favorite LuLaRoe styles and I am about to tell you something even more exciting (at least for me). I am now a LuLaRoe Consultant! I have tons of amazing inventory including the newest styles released just a few weeks ago. So if you want to shop LuLaRoe please come and join my group! Make sure you also add any friends and family that are LuLaRoe addicts too! We will have album sales, live Facebook sales, Instagram sales, and so much more! Plus, you can be entered to win free LuLaRoe clothes so make sure you request to join!

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