31 DIY Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is almost here and if you don’t have your costume ready you might think it’s too late to pull one together. Well, I am here to tell you that it’s not! I’ve pulled together not 1, not 2, but 31 DIY Halloween Costumes that you can choose from to ensure you look awesome on Halloween! Whether you are searching for that perfect costume for yourself, your kids, or even your dog there is something on this list for EVERYONE!

31 DIY Halloween Costumes

31 DIY Halloween Costumes

  1. Does your kid love LEGO and Batman? They can protect gotham and rebuild it with this LEGO Batman Costume.
  2. You won’t be able to fly but this Superman LEGO Costume is fly looking (yes I totally said that).
  3. Check mate with this DIY Checkers Costume!
  4. With technology these days, this iPad Costume just seems to be the perfect it. It may even help you stay updated socially all Halloween!
  5. What kid wouldn’t want to wear this LEGO Costume?
  6. Paint the town in this Pantone Color Chips Costume!
  7. Get ready for the new movie by making this Deadpool Costume. 31 DIY Halloween Costumes 1
  8. This Rey Costume will certainly get you excited for the new Star Wars movie (if you aren’t already).
  9. Scrub off those blood stains (you know, from the zombies) by being a Giant Loofah!
  10. Save the city in this Black Canary Costume from the show Arrow!
  11. Not much is needed to make this adorable Gnomes Costume.
  12. This Assassin’s Creed Costume is quite impressive.
  13. Your fur baby will love these Designer Dog Costumes…Uh, Hello? A Rainbow Pony!
  14. In case you’ve always wondered what it was like to be a doll, this Cracked Doll Costume is for you!
  15. Does your kid love Shopkins? This DIY Cheeky Chocolate Costume is for them!
  16. All this Ninja Turtles Costume needs is a pizza…DUDE!
  17. Go as your older self and use this Old Face Makeup Tutorial to help you achieve the look.
  18. Go bad for a day with this Bandit Costume.
  19. Are you sweet? Turn yourself into a Pineapple with this costume.
  20. This Corn Dog Costume is great and a bit corny!
  21. All you are missing is Tinkerbell with this Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume.
  22. Being a colorful Piñata is cool especially with this DIY Piñata Costume! 31 DIY Halloween Costumes2
  23. Be a Jurassic World Survivor this Halloween and show that Dinosaur who is boss!
  24. Don’t debate about who you are voting for but rather if you want to make this DIY Hilary or Trump Costume!
  25. Short on time and cash? This Human Pinterest Board Costume is for you!
  26. Science is why you need to be Princess Bubblegum this Halloween.
  27. Travel back in time with these Back to the Future Costumes.
  28. All the cool kids want to be like Daryl, so learn how to make Daryl’s Vest for your costume!
  29. “You Know Nothing Jon Snow”…except how to make this Jon Snow Costume.
  30. This DIY Sheriff Callie Costume is the best (you know, like the saying in the TV show).
  31. Spider-Dog…Spider-Dog…Does whatever a Spider-Dog does.

31 diy Halloween Costumes featured

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