33 of The Coolest Easter Egg Designs You Will Ever See

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Easter is nearing and I don’t know about you but I am preparing myself to make all sorts of fun easter eggs with my family.

But if you know me at all, you know I love lots of color and the more creative design, the better! So today I thought I’d share with you 33 of the Coolest Easter Egg Designs You Will Ever See! Enjoy!

33 of The Coolest Easter Egg Designs You Will Ever See #easter #eastereggs #easterdecorations #eggdecorations #easterdye

33 of The Coolest Easter Egg Designs You Will Ever See

Simple, yet sparkly, these glitter easter eggs are a must-make!

Go back to the 60’s with these tie dye eggs.

These ninja turtle easter eggs will have you saying “Totally Dude”.

Love these minion eggs.

Beaded easter eggs is such a unique idea.

Love the idea behind these confetti dipped eggs.

Save those broken crayons so you can make these melted crayon eggs.

How cute are these pinata eggs?

J.K. Rowling would be proud of these Harry Potter eggs.

Wow these galaxy easter eggs are spectacular.

I have never thought about making hot glue easter eggs.

Portal fans, these Portal Eggs are not a lie!

These gum ball machine eggs are totally adorable.

My son is going to love these Minecraft easter eggs.

The look of these mosaic eggs is so chic!

If you love art, take a look at these starry night eggs.

Easter wouldn’t be the same without Easter Bunny Eggs.

With all the hype of the new Facebook like buttons, these emoji eggs seem so right!

These Super Mario Bros. eggs are quite impressive!

Star Wars easter eggs, do I really need to say more?

These Frozen eggs are so elegant looking.

These Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs are so cool looking!

The final result of marbled easter eggs is awesome.

Fruit and Vegetable easter eggs? YES PLEASE!

Kids will go crazy over these LEGO easter eggs.

I am loving the idea behind these pantone eggs.

These doughnut easter eggs will make you want to take a bite out of them.

I love cherry blossom trees and these eggs are stunning!

These DIY robin eggs look like the real thing!

Superhero easter eggs are always super!

I love the tops of these hand painted eggs.

These glow eggs are perfect for nighttime hunts.

You will totally want to smash these angry bird eggs into buildings soon.

33 of The Coolest Easter Egg Designs You Will Ever See #easter #eastereggs #easterdecorations #eggdecorations #easterdye

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