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5 Surprising Items that Contain Gluten!

Are you Gluten Free? If you are not, chances are you know someone who is. Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is a genetic disorder that affects at least 1 in 133  Americans. Although I am not Gluten Free, I do know several people who are. My mind started going when I noticed my hair spray can that stated “Contains No Gluten” I was surprised since I thought Gluten was only presented in food. I was mistakenly wrong! I have compiled 5 Surprising items that contain gluten below. I hope you find this list useful and can spread the word!

  • Hair Spray- Many hair sprays contain gluten. This is because “gluten’s glue properties”  is what helps hold your hair in place. Although you don’t eat hairspray you do inhale particles from the hairspray which can  pose a problem.
  • Latex or Rubber Gloves- Now we all know there are several people allergic to latex. But sometimes people don’t think this poses a risk to people with Celiac disease. However, these gloves typically contain powder inside which is wheat or flour. Ding! Ding!= Gluten. So next time you visit a doctor or see a nurse, or even make a trip to the dentist make sure you let them know you are allergic to gluten and make sure they have the gloves without the powder.
  • Art Supplies- before you pick up that bottle of paints for a crafty Holiday project think again. Many art supplies including paints, clay, play dough, and of course glue contain gluten. Again, although you may not be eating these art supplies they do get on surfaces you touch, then touch your eating utensils, etc. In other words it’s cross contamination and it’s better to have gluten free art supplies.
  • Medications and Supplements- you take your medication like your supposed to but you may not have thought of what it is made from. Many medications are dusted with flour or wheat (gluten). Even taking capsules can pose a risk since the oil can contain gluten. Before taking any medication be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist if it contains gluten.
  • Beauty Products- many beauty products like lipstick, sunscreen, eye liner, mascara, lotions, and even toothpaste. Although you are not eating these products (with exception of the toothpaste) it has been said that these products can even be irritating to the skin if you have celiac disease. However, lip balms can still get in your mouth, think of when you eat an apple or lick your lips, and this can pose a risk.