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5 Surprising Ways to Live on Less!

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So I was recently reading the newest issue of all you magazine and I came across an article I thought was worth sharing… 5 Surprising Ways to Live on Less.

Now you may think it is the basic save money tips by using coupons and by stockpiling items but to even my surprise it wasn’t. I wanted to share this with all of you who may not receive the subscription. The parts in this article are fairly long but I have highlighted the best tips below. 

  1.  Freeze Your Funds- Think twice before heading out for that weekly or monthly lunch date with your girlfriends. Putting brakes on unnecessary spending sounds like an obvious way to conserve cash but it’s not easy. The Key to Success is to have clear rules to keep you on track until you reach your goal and possibly kick-start long-term saving habits.
  2. Give Your Trash a Second Life- If you feel like you are throwing away money at times, you probably are. Put an end to waste by keeping tabs on resources you might be able to reuse. These eco-friendly moves can save you big bucks.
  3. Shop and Cook Once- Eat For an Entire Month- Did you know that on average consumers buy 60% more than they planned when shopping for groceries? That is a huge number. A solution is to shop less to spend less. Freeze meals that you prepare in advance. Doing this ensures you shop less and save money all month long.
  4. Rent Out Your Stuff- Now this one really surprised me, rent out my stuff? Yes, you actually rent out more than just a room in your home. You can rent out an extra storage unit, your car and even items such as your DVD player, camera, tools, and more! It’s sounds odd to me too, but the articles shows it really works. It makes sense that people would rather rent an item and a third or even fourth of the price they could purchase it.
  5. Spend Like Your Grandparents- You know you overspend when using credit or debit cards. It seems to be a mental thing to most of us, that if we don’t see the money being spent, then it’s not being spent right? Well, the habits of swiping plastic can lead to impulse purchases and mindless spending. Stick to cash whenever you can. Keep your money in an envelope, where you can see it to curb overspending.

I Hope you all find these tips helpful one way or another! Remember these tips were featured in the newest edition of all you magazine. If you don’t have a subscription you can sign-up for one. You will also receive money saving recipes and tons of coupons in every issue. Sign-up below:

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