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5 Tools Every Game Artist Needs

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So you’ve decided to indulge into your passion for gaming and turn that into a career. First off, congratulations! That is an exciting field and I should know, because my husband is in school for Game Art.

It’s an amazing world and over the years, we have learned so much including the culture that stands behind it all. Just like with anything, beginning is the toughest part. Once you have everything into play (literally) there are some tools that will make enhance your experience both educationally and professionally. So today I am partnering with Wacom to bring you 5 Tools Every Game Artist Needs.

5 tools every game artist needs

5 Tools Every Game Artist Needs

  1. A great set of drawing pencils and quality paper. Every artist needs the basics and one of those basics is a set of drawing pencils, pens, and a canvas. There are so many options out there today but investing in a high-quality set can make all the difference in your work and put you above the rest. Amazon has a great selection to choose from and features reviews so you know you are getting the best.
  2. Books and other learning resources. To be good at anything you have to learn. Books, videos, and other resources regarding game art are essential tools to ensuring you do it right and keeping up with the industry standards.
  3. A high performing computer. As an artist during this day and age means everything will end up digital at some point. That also means that lots of software and programs are required to make that possible. You need a good PC to keep up with it all. Investing in a good one from the beginning means it will last you for years.
  4. Software for gaming purposes. I’ve mentioned in a few points that software will be needed. Photoshop, Maya, Lightroom, and Unity are just a few that come to mind and are essential for game art and building a game.
  5. Wacom Intuos Pro Pen Tablet. Drawing on paper is one thing, but to make something crisp, clean, and digital you need the right tool and software to do it. The Wacom tablet is exactly what you need to take your drawings to the next level (more on that below).

Wacom shows professionalism.

We live in a digital world and as a game artist, it is so important you understand and adapt to that even if you grew up as a pencil and paper kind of guy. With Wacom, you are able to draw your ideas directly on the tablet and into your computer. It helps eliminate the need for scanning images in and cleaning them up (although you can do that too). It is an industry standard nowadays to showcase your skills and abilities to use a tablet to draw and the software that accompanies it. Personally, I also think it shows how serious you are as an artist and is professional in this field. You can actually read more about Wacom here.

My husband is currently in his 3rd year of school for Game Art and all of his digital classes require a Wacom. In fact, even the faculty use Wacom tablets for their careers both inside and outside the classroom. My husband has one too and he has been using it to create many of his art projects and I wanted to share a few of them with you today.

This was an environment made entirely with the Wacom tablet:

Environment Concept Final WITH WACOM

This was a female character he made with the Wacom tablet for a game he is working on:

PhotoShop Female Character with Wacom

And here is a gun design made for the same game. Again done with the Wacom tablet.

Gun Concept WITH WACOM

As you can see, the possibilities with the Wacom are endless. You can check out the Wacom website to learn more about the Wacom Intuos Pro line along with many other great products from them. You can also connect with them on:





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