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5 Ways to Get More Exercise into your Life

What do you think when someone mentions exercise? Are you excited, or does it elicit an exaggerated eye roll? If the answer is the second option chances are you already know how important it is to get exercise into your day. But for whatever reason, you try to avoid working out and heading to the gym.

woman lifting weight

That is totally understandable. The gym isn’t for everyone. Neither are group classes or fad workout equipment from the commercials or shopping channels. Maybe you simply don’t like to work out. Maybe you are a busy mom who doesn’t have the time or the inclination to find the time to do something you really do not enjoy.

The thing is, our bodies need exercise. However, it comes. Working out gives your body energy, it helps you fit and healthy alongside a varied and balanced diet. And it also releases those all-important feel-good endorphins that boost your mood. It is one of the main reasons more, and more people are being advised to work out to help combat low moods and to help those who suffer from depression.

So how can you give your body a workout without actually working out and trick your mind into doing exercise?

family on a walk


There are many ways you can add walking to your day. Easy suggestions range from taking the stairs over the elevator. Getting off the train or bus one or two stops before you usually do and walking the extra distance. Or even forgoing public transport or driving and heading out and about by foot.

Walking can also be a serious hobby if you give it a try. From long-distance walking in local beauty spots, through forests or heading to one of America’s stunning national parks. To hit trails that not only give you somewhere interesting to walk other than around the block but also gives your exercise an added boost thanks to varying terrains and inclines. Remember, to take plenty of snacks and water, especially on hot days  – don’t forget the sunscreen and always tell someone where you will be and when you expect to be back in case of emergencies.

Bonus: you can even take the kids along too and get the whole family out and about.

person walking through sand


Kids love water, it! Swimming is one of the best wife skills anyone can and really should learn from investing in an above ground pool for your garden or creating an in-ground pool at home big enough to win into heading out to your local indoor or outdoor pool for a dip. If you need to get moving, swimming is one of the best workouts you can do, and it is relatively low impact too. Even being in the r, playing with the kids in water counts as a workout as your body is working against the water and using muscle groups to help you move around whether you are supervising kids or getting some serious swim time in.

Swimming is ideal for those who want a more thorough all body workout that is easier on the joints. It is also a great family activity so not only are you all getting a workout and learning valuable life skills, but swimming is perfect for tiring kids out so timing your swim before bedtime or nap time can be an added boost to your bedtime routine.

mom and daughter stretching at home

Rock Climbing

Indoor or outdoor, America has fallen in love with rock climbing of late, and as a result, many climbing gyms have popped up all over the country. If you are new to rock climbing, look for beginners sessions or trials to get a taster for how fun it is.

When it comes to the working out part of rock climbing not only will you be using your physical strength to give your whole body a good cardiovascular workout but you will also be getting a mental workout as you figure out your best route up the wall and experience that elation at finally reaching the top and progressing your skill level. As with swimming, rock climbing is great to do as a family, and many climbing gyms are family-friendly and offer adult and child sessions.


How about trying out for amateur sports teams in your favourite sport. There are many different teams across all of America’s favourite sports that welcome beginners and more experienced players. Whatever your preferred game, joining a team will not only help you give your body a workout and build up strength and stamina, but it will also provide you with a wider social circle and allow you to enjoy your sport with those who feel the same way.

Look for pros who can help you develop your skill set like Gallagher or even, sign up to be a trainer yourself if you have experience from playing at high school or college level.

Bike rides

Be it taking up mountain biking, BMX biking at a local skate park or even teaching your kids how to ride a bike to go on family bike rides. Riding a bike can not only help you to become fitter physically, but it can help you to save money on commutes if you live close enough to your place of work to ride. Better for the environment, better for your health and better for your bank balance, taking up bike riding can have so many benefits besides being a way to get fit.

So what do you think? Have any of these suggestions given you ideas on how to add extra exercise to your day in a way that can be more fun than just hitting the treadmill at the gym? Exercise doesn’t need to be mundane or boring; you can tailor what you do to not only help you get fit but to have more fun too!