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5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean with Kids

It’s no secret that kids are messy. It’s just in their nature to cause a mess where ever they go. Unfortunately, that includes the car you drive in.

I know how hard it is to keep a car clean with little ones constantly terrorizing the space in which they sit. Between 3 kids, a husband, and 2 large dogs, having a clean car is almost nonexistent! But whenever the OCD inside me kicks in (which is pretty much daily) I know I have to do something to make and keep my car clean.

Which is why I am sharing 5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean with Kids.

5 ways to keep your car clean with kids

5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean with Kids

Invest in kick mat organizers. You know how it goes, you have kids in car seats and once they discover they can kick your backseat it’s game over. All that dirt, mud and not to mention GERMS are then transferred onto your lovely seats. In my case, it’s leather seats. Yikes! So one thing that has saved my life is kit mat organizers. They attach over the back of each seat and contain organizing pockets. You then have a place to store your child’s snacks, toys, and best of all, no mess from all the kicking!

Have a designated garbage collector. Yes they make garbages for cars but a grocery bag works just as well (plus it’s free). Keep a bag or can in your car at all times designated for trash and let your kids know that is where trash goes. Doing so will keep trash off the floor and out of their car seats keeping your car cleaner overall.

Keep a pack of wipes on hand. As parents one thing we always have in our diaper bags is wipes but you should also keep an entire package in the car at all times. Why? Well, think of that slurpee spill your child will have, how about that melted chocolate in the cup holder? Believe me, wipes are a savior when it comes to keeping a car clean!

Purchase spill-proof food containers. It’s almost impossible to not have your kids eat in the car. Kids get hungry, start getting upset and sometimes a snack is the only thing that will keep them happy during a car ride. With that spills are bound to happen. Luckily, there are some amazing spill-proof food containers you can purchase to avoid all the mess.

Make it smell good. Again kids are messy and sometimes they don’t smell the greatest which in return makes your car have a lingering unpleasant odor. That can all change with custom car fresheners. These make your car smell great in no time!

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Em Mahr

Wednesday 7th of October 2015

I'd like to try the New Car scent

Vera K

Tuesday 6th of October 2015

Caribbean Colada sounds nice to me.