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6 Beauty Tips to Brighten Your Smile

Sometimes your smile is not as bright as you would like it to be. Some foods and drinks can discolor teeth. It can be annoying to have pearly white teeth that aren’t really white. The good thing is that there are both natural and professional solutions to whiten your teeth and enhance that beautiful smile. 

Several do-it-yourself home tricks can help you get rid of tooth discolorations and make them whiter. These include tooth whitening kits and strips, banana peels, and chemical rinses. There are also beauty tricks, especially with makeup applications, that can make your teeth look brighter. 

Have a look at some of the simple beauty tricks available. 

Use a Berry- colored Lipstick

Have you ever noticed how wearing a dull-colored shirt makes your look dull by reflecting its tones on your skin? Well, lipsticks can do the same. For instance, yellow undertone lipstick can make you look sallow. Beauty experts suggest that wearing lipsticks with great undertones like blue or red can significantly brighten your face. If you don’t fancy red, choose a blue-based pink lipstick. The mentioned shades of lipstick will reflect on your teeth, making them look whiter and brighter. 

Select the Right Eye shadow For Your Skin Tone

Did you know that your choice of eye shadow color can significantly impact the appearance of your teeth? It would be best if you went for more relaxed eye makeup shades like purple, green, blue, and among others (this also includes eyeliner). The cooler shades will deflect the teeth’ yellowing, which will create an optical illusion that takes care of all the defects on your face.  

Brush on Bronzer

Using a bronzer to contour your face after applying makeup is another great way to brighten your smile. A bronzer or matte foundation under the cheekbones and a darker shade on the bridge of the nose will contour the face’s shape, thus enhancing your smile. The sun-kissed glow from bronzing will make your teeth appear even whiter.  

Highlight Your Lips

When applying makeup, try lip gloss and liner on the outer part of the lips and a light shade of concealer at the border. This process will make the lips look fuller and whiter in disparity with the lip color. 

Eat a Lot of Fruits and Vegetables

One important thing that helps to brighten teeth is the kind of meals you take. Fruits and vegetables are vital for the body’s well-being with several benefits, and white teeth are one of them. Strawberries, for instance, naturally whitens teeth and is highly recommended even when on teeth whitening sessions. They contain vitamin C, which clears plaque, and an astringent, which effectively removes stains. Other fruits and veggies like celery and apples also whiten the teeth by activating saliva production, which cleanses the mouth. 

Apply a layer of Petroleum Jelly on Your Teeth

This is a typical traditional method to keep away stains like lipstick and coffee from the teeth while giving them a shiny look. You can apply this trick on some occasions to enhance your smile. Most photographers use this trick when filming models.  

Cosmetic Enhancement

Many people wish for a flawless Hollywood smile but don’t want to go through the daunting process of visiting a dentist and spending lots of money to get it. If you’re one of them, teeth veneers are a dream come true. Clip-on veneers are specially designed to fit over natural teeth, and you can quickly wear or remove them when you want. They come in two pieces, one for the upper jaw and the other for the lower jaw. 

Veneers are a fantastic tool for enhancing your smile since they cover many teeth problems like discoloration and chipping. They are convenient as they are pain-free and comfortable to wear.  

A Beautiful Smile is a Beautiful Face

A smile is an easy and sure way to brighten up your day. It shows happiness, warmth, and defines beauty since it is the first thing that people will notice. The secret to a vibrant, glowing smile is healthy teeth and proper oral hygiene. You can do this to protect your gnashers:

  • Brush your teeth every day and after meals to keep away cavities.
  • Flossing everyday.
  • Regular visits to the dentist.

Other essential habits for good dental health include:

A Healthy Diet

Proper nutrition affects the general body’s health, which is equally essential for healthy gums and teeth. A well-balanced meal supplies the gum tissues and teeth, vital minerals and nutrients required to stay healthy and strong. 

Minerals like calcium and phosphorus are vital to the teeth. They mainly build and strengthen teeth, and a lack of them would mean weak teeth. Calcium can be found in milk and dairy products like cheese and Yoghurt. The best sources of phosphorus are milk, fish, lentils, beef, chicken, and eggs.

Some vegetables and fruits like blueberries, beetroots, and blackberries are very nutritious, but their deep color can stick on teeth making them lose their white color. Since you need their nutrients and can’t avoid eating them, you can prevent stains by brushing teeth immediately after eating or rinsing the mouth with water.  

Keep off Sugary Foods

Sticky, sugary foods are a significant cause of dental caries. The tooth enamel typically cleanses itself by wiping off sugar and other food particles every 20 to 30 minutes. If the food is sticky and stays on the tooth longer, the bacteria ferments sugar, breaking it down into acid, which causes tooth caries and decays. 

To avoid this, limit your intake of sugary foods and consume healthy snacks like apples. Avoid sticky snacks such as nougat and caramel because they produce more plaque when they stick in the grooves.  

Schedule Snacks and Meals

Reduce the number of times you take snacks to a maximum of two times between meals. The less you eat continuously, the more chance you give bacteria to cleanse your teeth.  

To sum it up, dental habits and a healthy diet are the main contributing factors to the beauty of your pearly whites. The more care you give your teeth, the shiny they become, giving you the confidence to smile and fewer visits to the dentist.