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6 Things to Do Once Your Teen Passes Their Drivers Test

When your teen becomes old enough to take their drivers permit test and ultimately, receive their state license, it can be an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s an exciting time for your teen because it typically means the ultimate start to independence but it can be emotional for parents. It’s the first step to adulthood and a hard reminder your “baby” is no longer your baby.

Once your teen passes their drivers test, there are a few important things you want to get done. Whilst they may not be the first things on your mind, because safety and worry for your teen comes first, you still want to make sure these are done.

Celebrate Your Achievement

Once the excitement of your teen passing their test has subsided, it’s time to start planning how you’re going to celebrate. After all, it’s a huge accomplishment.

Whether it’s a road trip to a new town, treating your teen to a nice dinner with friends or allowing them to take the car out on their own to hang out with friends – your teen deserves to celebrate their amazing achievement.

Ensure Plates Are Up to Date

Now that your teen has passed and received their license, you want to ensure all of the registration, tags and license plates are up to date.

This way, if they were ever to get pulled over for speeding, traffic light violation, etc. they have all of the necessary requirements done to avoid getting their car impounded.

If you happen to live in the UK, you can purchase some P plates to indicate that you have just passed your test and you may be susceptible to the odd mistakes. If you feel like you will be a confident enough driver without them, you don’t have to make the switch if you don’t want to. To buy yourself some P plates, you can visit this site here.

Practice Driving At Different Times Of Day

As a new driver it’s important that your teen is constantly practicing driving.

Going out and getting as much practice as they can with or without someone sitting in the passenger seat, will help them become a good driver.

It is even a good idea to help your teen to learn in different driving conditions such as rain, snow, sunshine, etc.

They may be fearful at first, but practice makes perfect as the term goes and practicing driving can help them be comfortable with the car they drive and the road.

Allow Your Teen to Personalize Their Car

One of the most exciting things about passing your test and having your own car is that you’ll be able to personalize it to your tastes.

Whether this means adding your own seat covers, scented air fresheners or a personalized number plate – they can make their car your own.

Remember not to go overboard as you don’t want anything to be too much of a distraction or to obstruct your vision. For more information on DVLA Private Number Plates, you can visit this site here.

If your child is borrowing the car from you, you can still let them personalize the car a little bit so it’s a fun and exciting experience for them.

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Now that your teen has passed their test you will need to let your insurance provider know, as they’ll be able to update the costs of your month by month bill.

Whilst it may not change much, it’s a legal requirement to be paying the correct amount of insurance each month. For more information, you can visit this guide here.

Remember that most insurance companies put teens as a “named driver” since they are under 18. However, you’ll want to ensure they are on your insurance policy one way or another so they are covered should they ever be involved in an accident while driving.

Allow Your Teen to Enjoy Their New Found Freedom

Finally, the last thing you should do once your teen has passed their test is allow them enjoy their new found freedom.

Yes, this is a tough one especially as a parent because we worry about them so much.

In fact, when my oldest becomes of age, I’ll be a total worry wart but I know it will be good for him. The responsibility and independence that comes from driving, can be a great way to help our children into adulthood.

So, set rules, boundaries and expectations (such as no texting while driving) but most of all, allow your teen to enjoy their new found freedom and be one step closer to being an adult.

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