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6 Tips for Giving More Thoughtful Client Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, there’s no right or wrong answer – it’s all about what feels best for you and your recipient. However, there’s a great deal to be said for stepping outside of your comfort zone and giving a gift that shows real thought. 

After all, the best gifts often come from the heart, which can be hard to find. If you want to stand out from the crowd this holiday season but aren’t sure how, here are six thoughtful gift ideas for your clients. 

The dos and don’t of client gifts

One of the best ways to show clients appreciation is through client gifts. However, the wrong move might make it seem like you phoned it in or tried too hard. 

Don’t send gifts they’ll throw away

When clients receive edible items such as cakes or cookies, they may end up in the garbage. Giving food as gifts can be a nice gesture, but it’s not always the best option. Rather than sending something they may not like or not be able to eat, you can send them turkey or ham gift certificates. 

This alternative option will allow your client to choose when they receive their food and what kind of ham or turkey they buy with it. That way, everyone’s happy, and your original food-based gift idea survives to see your clients. 

Do research your clients’ interests

Take the time to do some research into customers’ interests. That way, you can find a gift that your client will open and be excited about – something they might not have even considered. 

Putting in some extra love and appreciation is just one of the many ways that can help set your business up for success.

Don’t overspend

It’s important to spend within your budget when buying gifts for clients. Overspending on a client gift can come off as desperate and may make your clients uncomfortable. 

Instead, set a budget for yourself and try your best to stick to it. Consider your relationship to the client, the price range of gifts they may be receiving from other business relationships, and the fiscal value of the business they send your way.

Do personalize your gifts

Personalized gifts always show that you put thought into your gift. These show your clients that you care about them and their interests.

For example, if a client loves spending time outdoors, you can buy them a personalized mug with a hiking or camping design on it. It’s an easy extra step that can make a significant difference in your client’s mind. 

Don’t try to be funny with your purchase

Buying a joke gift for your client may sound like a good idea but also poses the risk of offending your client. Unless you know the client well, it’s always best to avoid this type of gift.

Do consider the client’s preferences

If the person you are buying for is more of an experience type, buying a physical gift may not be the best option. Instead, consider sending your client on a wine tasting tour or tickets to a show. 

Or, if you know the client loves homemade gifts, try something like baking homemade Christmas cookies. Clients appreciate knowing that you care about their preferences and will be more likely to continue doing business with you.


When choosing gifts, put extra thought and care into matters. Whether it’s Christmas, the holidays, or just a random Wednesday in February, don’t forget to show your clients some appreciation. The little things you do for your clients will go a long way and make all the difference when looking at their budgets.