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Uprooting your Family? 6 Tips & Tricks for Calming Your Little Ones’ Moving-Day Jitters

Moving day brings with it a variety of unwanted bumps and bruises. The list of potential mishaps goes on between unreliable shipping companies damaging personal keepsakes, painful injuries from incorrect heavy lifting techniques, and last minute, disorganized packing pursuits. However, even more stressful than dealing with misplaced boxes is handling stressed-out, irritable little ones.

Transitioning to a new home with children in tow can be a difficult adjustment. Youngsters often feel confused, anxious, and uncomfortable when uprooted, as their friends, schools, and routines change drastically. However, by allowing your little one to be involved in the pre-move process and keeping them occupied during the big day, you can avoid moving meltdowns and help ease distress and anxiety.

Keep chaos to a minimum

The first step in evading time-consuming tantrums is minimizing disorder throughout every step of the moving process. Disorganization can send emotionally-perceptive children into a spiral if they sense you or your spouse are stricken with moving-related stress. Start on the right foot by creating a comprehensive labeling system, building a detailed plan and schedule, and keeping essential documents in an easily accessible file.

In addition to an organized master plan, new residents should make arrangements for car and furniture shipping services long before moving day to avoid last-minute mishaps. Ensure safe travels by using a reliable auto hauling company like Guardian Auto Transport to keep worst-case scenarios to a minimum. 

Pack an essentials bag

One way to reduce the chance of a major breakdown is to pack a bag of essentials to keep your little one occupied and comfortable. A well-equipped diaper bag, a collection of compact toys, and a comfort item or two can ease tensions and simulate routine and regularity. Moving can alter a child’s sense of stability and normalcy, so providing them with familiar things can create a safe, relaxed space amidst the chaos.

Bust out the entertainment

During move-in, there will be times when you need your little one to vacate the space or occupy themselves while the adults take care of business. Keep them entertained by cueing up a movie (or three), breaking out their favorite video game, or sending them with a trusted friend or family member and avoid stress for you and the kids.

Involve your kids in the process

One way to help your children dodge stressful moving-day emotions is to involve them in the process. Give older children the freedom to set up their new rooms as they see fit, let youngsters aid in unpacking activities, and go through memorabilia together for a fun, family-bonding experience.

Keeping your little ones up to date on important details and expectations can alleviate overwhelming feelings and uncertainties

Take a break

Unpacking can be tedious—especially with unhappy children. Keep spirits high by taking much-needed breaks with your little ones to recharge everyone’s batteries. Walks around the new neighborhood, a 30-minute gaming break, or a dinner outing can be a nice change of scenery after hours of breaking-down boxes and hauling furniture.

Uprooting your family is stressful for everyone—especially children sensitive to change. Decrease moving meltdowns and temper tantrums by planning interactive distractions, preparing children beforehand, and spending quality time with them during the process.