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7 Hobbies You Can Give A Try This Year

When it comes to doing fun things in your spare time, you may already have some interesting hobbies that you enjoy. But, if you feel like the time has come to take up something new and exciting, you might be sat there scratching your head and wondering what to do?

If you’d rather not take up a new hobby that most of your friends already do, this handy guide is for you.

That’s because there are seven fun and exciting new pastimes you should consider adding to your list of hobbies and interests! Take a look at them below.

1. Paragliding

Imagine driving your car to a high vantage point somewhere and unloading a means of personal flight from the inside of your trunk! Believe it or not, that’s exactly what you can do with paragliding.

Made from the same materials and using the same technology as parachutes, you can be up in the skies in a matter of minutes simply by using something that can fit inside of a backpack! There are many paragliding clubs across the United States that you can join if you want to get started today.

2. Heritage Locomotive Driving

Imagine getting into the driver’s cab of a steam, diesel, or electric locomotive that you’ve only dreamt of driving? These days, heritage railways are a popular attraction for tourists and those wishing to relieve years gone by. But, they’re also a fun pastime for railway enthusiasts, especially those that are perhaps retired train drivers.

There are many ways to get into driving heritage locomotives. For example, you could volunteer at your local heritage railway. Or, you could take part in “experience days” where you are guided by a professional.

3. Light Aircraft Pilot

Taking to the skies is an experience that is rarely beyond compare for many people. You get to see the world from a perspective few individuals will ever see. Plus, if you fly at a high enough altitude, you could enjoy flying on a sunny day even if it’s raining below the clouds!

Becoming an aircraft pilot isn’t long-winded or financially crippling as some people may have you believe. Why not learn more about how you could become a pilot? You could soon take the skies in a plane where you’re in control!

4. Kart Racing

If you’ve ever spent some time riding around in go-karts in your youth, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that kart racing is a “thing”! In a nutshell, you can join a local kart racing club and take part in organized races using their go-karts or one that you own or have built yourself. Kart racing is inexpensive, fun, and suitable for people of all ages.

5. Metal Detecting

One of the coolest things to do in your spare time is to take up metal detecting! It’s likely you’ll have done this as a kid, but it’s now something that has gone onto a professional level. Metal detecting is something that people of all ages can participate in and you’re guaranteed to find all kinds of interesting artifacts. You might even discover some valuable treasure in your own backyard!

You are likely to come across a local “treasure hunting” group that you can join. It’s always advantageous to join such groups, as you can share knowledge and tips with each member of the group. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to socialize and make new friends.

6. Geocaching

Sticking with the subject of finding treasure, if you’d rather not invest in metal detecting equipment, one pastime you could take up is geocaching. In case you didn’t know, geocaching is a form of treasure hunting but you use GPS coordinates to locate “caches” of items.

Geocaching has risen greatly in popularity during the past decade, and it’s now something that is popular worldwide. Many geocachers using smartphone apps to help them find caches.

7. Metal Art Fabrication

If you’re handy with a welder, one final hobby you could consider is metal art fabrication. In layman’s terms, what you do is create artistic objects using metal and a welder of some description. If you use thick metal, you’ll find it easier to use a stick welder. But, with thinner metal, you may prefer to use a MIG or TIG welder.

Metal art fabrication is something that both men and women of all ages take up. Plus, it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby. Especially if you can source metal for free!