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7 Ways to Make Reading Fun

Reading should be one of those things that kids look forward to. Unfortunately, sometimes is seems more of a chore to learn to read rather than just enjoying to read. After all, reading is one of the biggest and most rewarding aspects to learn in life. Can you imagine not knowing how to read? So as parents we naturally encourage reading at a young age but it doesn’t have to be boring. Today I am sharing 7 Ways to Make Reading Fun and enjoyable for anyone. 

7 Ways to Make Reading Fun

When I was a kid, my parents always found ways to make reading enjoyable. I try to make reading fun for my kids as well. After all, books are what brings imagination to life. Books help to make a childhood memorable and in my opinion, I also think books bring out creativity and imagination throughout your life. So while you are actively reading to your kids, here are some things to keep in mind to help make reading fun!

Introduce new books often.

One of the best things I have found that works for our boys is having a variety of books on a variety of subjects. It keeps things fun when there is a new adventure to be explored! My oldest tends to get bored with the same book over and over again so by introducing new books into our weekly reading routine, it keeps things fun and engaging. It’s basically like Christmas every time we get a new book.

Use a fun voice when reading.

I remember my parents reading to me in fun voices. I love this because it really makes the books come alive. When you hear a gruffly voice for a bear or a high-pitched voice for a little girl, it changes your reading perspective so much. Incorporate various voices whenever you’re reading to your children, it makes reading fun.

Make reading a bonding experience.

Kids love spending time with their parents (more so when they are little), which is why reading makes the perfect bonding experience. Every family has their idea of fun and my family thinks reading is fun because we make it that way. I love to sit down, cuddle up, and read a book with my kids. It is just something that we look forward to each day and it can be that way with your family too with a little encouragement.

Do activities to go along with the book.

If you have a creative bone in your body, you can easily do activities with your kids. Activities help take the book a little further and allow kids to use their imagination. After reading a book about cooking, you might hop into the kitchen and make a special dessert or dish together. Maybe you read one about a pirate finding treasure, make a treasure map with your kids and go exploring your home or even neighborhood. Kids have creative minds and books can really bring that creativity out. 

Create a reading area just for the kids.

What’s more fun than reading a book? A special place to read a book, of course. Setting up a reading area in your home is something that will make reading fun. Kids need a place to unwind and settle down into a good book. By creating a reading area just for the kids, you are making reading FUN! Our personal favorite is building a pillow fort and using flashlights to read. In the summer, we love to camp out in our  backyard with books being read by the fire. 

Utilize Online Apps and Content To Make It seem Like a Game

Sometimes kids learn best when they don’t actually realize they are learning. Take the pressure off by utilizing online apps and content to make reading seem like they are playing a game. You can also Find Top Custom eLearning Content Providers that will offer a library of content you can use to help make reading fun.

Encourage reading alone.

While reading together as a family is always fun, sometimes allowing your child to immerse themselves in a book all by themselves is a good thing. Even if they are just examining the illustrations, it is still allowing them time to themselves to learn and use their imagination. It’s also a great way to get them away from electronic devices. The more they read, the better. When your child says they’re bored, recommend a good book. In my opinion, finding books your child is interested in is a solid path to helping them love reading and making it fun.

Don’t use reading as a punishment.

Reading should be fun for a child, so don’t use it as a punishment. You don’t want your child to grow up hating reading for that reason. If your child is naughty or gets into trouble, find a different way to handle their actions.