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9 Mean & Nasty Things Toddlers Do and How to Handle It

Parenting is one of the most rewarding things in life. However, parenting a toddler is one of those things that tests everything about you. By the end of the toddler years, you will really know if you were cut out to be a parent or not. Although there’s no going back, toddlers will give you a run for your money. I can truly only speak of having little boys but I imagine all toddlers are the same in one way or another. Now that I am living this time of my life for a second time I figured I’d write about 9 Mean & Nasty Things Toddlers Do and How to Handle It!

9 Mean & Nasty Things Toddlers Do and How to Handle It

9 Mean & Nasty Things Toddlers Do and How to Handle It

  1. Toddlers will throw their diapers (or underwear) in weird places- Mamas of toddlers raise your hand, you know you have found some diapers/pull-ups/underwear in really weird places. Lay down the law on that before it gets out of hand. Can you imagine the collection your child will have built up by the time they leave for college? My personal favorite is when I find my son sleeping naked, his diaper thrown on the floor, and he had a wee-wee accident all over his bed. I think I am going to need more coffee! Oh and by the way, I totally found a way around that…DUCT TAPE. Yes, that totally happened!duct tape diaper
  2. Toddlers will break everything- You know how you spent so much time making that beautiful wedding registry with everything to create your dream home? Well, if you have a toddler you can kiss that goodbye for at least another 10 years. Toddlers will throw, bash, and break everything they come into contact with. It’s all part of them testing the water (that could be a literal term) so use velcro to adhere things to surfaces and just put breakables in high places. Yes, I’ll wait while you go pack up your expensive china.
  3. Toddlers will start uncontrollably crying several times a day- Your toddler can be laughing one moment and completely upset, screaming their head off the next. You can make two choices here. Either put in earplugs or go to the fridge and grab some wine. I prefer both!
  4. Toddlers will convince you that being naked is cool- Your toddler will insist that being naked is really the way to go. If I had a dollar for every time my son took off his clothes I’d be rich. Man, wouldn’t it be awesome to walk around naked all day like it’s no big deal?! Seriously just let them do it while it’s cute because as they get older things are sure to not be so cute!
  5. Toddlers don’t eat- Somehow your toddler has skin and meat on their bones, but you can’t figure out how. Considering your toddler NEVER eats anything but crumbs off the floor and chocolate. Just let them eat what they will and use a bit of parenting trickery to get them to eat a balanced meal. Remember parenting is all about compromise and negotiating. This pretty much sums it up:ae1ec4f948e114d41979115f18befd1a
  6. Toddlers don’t have a desire to wash their hands- Although some toddlers can’t reach the sink, the majority of toddlers don’t care if they have poop smeared on their hands. They just don’t care. Invest in some hand sanitizer, maybe a whole truck load!
  7. Toddlers will poop their pants- Your toddler who is fully potty trained (and even if they aren’t they will be), will from time to time, poop his or her pants. They will blatantly tell you they did it and there’s no hiding it. THEY DON’T HAVE ANY SHAME. Somehow you have to take that really large turd out of their underwear and flush it. You are also stuck with the decision to salvage the underwear or just throw it away. For the love of toddlers, just throw it away!
  8. Toddlers will tell you like it is-  Once your toddler begins to truly talk, it doesn’t matter if you are thin, pretty, or have a snarled toothed, the toddler in your life will let you know everything they think about you. Don’t take it personal. After all, they are just calling the world how they see it. Yes it hurts, but at least they are being honest! For that, can you truly blame them?
  9. Toddlers will repeat after you- You can say nice things all day long, but the moment you say something bad, your toddler will repeat it. It’s like having a permanent parrot attached to your shoulder all day long. Best thing to do is to find another word to replace the bad word you accidentally taught your toddler, and before your spouse gets home.

9 Mean & Nasty Things Toddlers Do and How to Handle It Featured

Man, being a parent is awesome, but it can be grueling too. These 9 mean and nasty toddler behaviors are real and they could happen to you. Just remember that toddler years only last so long and at the end of the day I think we all can agree that your toddler knows exactly how to melt your heart! Mine sure does!

Do you have a toddler? Tell me your best mean and nasty toddler story!

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