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9 Must-Have Summer Party Essentials

It’s only July which means there are still many summer parties to be had. With that being said, a party isn’t a party without food, music, and of course, great party decor. So today I want to share 9 Must-Have Summer Party Essentials in partnership with Oriental Trading.9 Must-Have Summer Party Essentials

9 Must-Have Summer Party Essentials

  1. Every summer party needs cold drinks because nobody likes warm drinks when it’s warm out. To keep drinks cold but also keep the theme of your party, give a inflatable cooler a try.
  2. Chances are you will have guests hanging out until the night (especially if your party rocks) so you will need lighting to keep the party lit and lively. I love all of these torches, strobes, and hanging lights! Heck, even throw in some fun glowing items!
  3. One thing I love having at my parties is a good backdrop so my guests can take fun photos with it. I then usually leave some sort of printable with a unique hashtag so they can share socially and share with everyone!
  4. Sure drinks, food, and music tend to entertain but that can also be boring fast. Get a backyard game that will entertain everyone.9 Must-Have Summer Party Essentials2
  5. Adults need to have fun too, make up a batch of margaritas or have some ice cold champagne ready. But don’t forget those colorful cocktail glasses or shot glasses because color always makes things more fun!
  6. You’ve got to dress those tables up! Centerpieces have been a conversation starter at so many of my parties so I say, never go without one! Check out some great centerpieces here.
  7. Presentation is key! Of course, you’ve got an entire room filled party supplies but the most important part is having your food display on point. So, utilize serving platters, dishes, trays, and baskets to really step up your food display!
  8. Have some fun toys to play with! Party favors are fun no matter how old or young you are. Choose a variety of favors including dress-up items, noisemakers, etc. They will keep the party rolling!
  9. Sweeten things up a little. Whether you want to have a homemade dessert, cupcakes, or even candy, you need something sweet to make the party happen. People love sweets so buy a variety of items! And don’t forget those cupcake stands and apothecary jars to display them nicely too!9 Must-Have Summer Party Essentials3

Now you know my top 9 Summer Party Essentials so start planning your next summer gathering. I am sure it will be a hit!

And if you guys need more ideas on how to put together your summer party, check out these Summer Party Decor Ideas from Oriental Trading!