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A little about me… Hi everyone! My name is Brittanie, I am a proud stay at home mom to a wonderful 4-year-old boy named Kayzen and another little boy on the way, a wife, a student, and a blogger. I live in the beautiful state of Utah. I love spending time with my family, I love the color pink (as you can probably tell from my site), I am OBSESSED with anything Tinkerbell, and I have a passion to help others. I started this blog in hopes to change the way people live by helping them save money and find great deals on the products they regularly purchase.

How the coupon adventure began… In May 2010, our son was born prematurely at 32 weeks due to complications of preeclampsia. He was born at 3 pounds 4 ounces and despite being very little was perfectly healthy (which we are grateful every day for). He was placed into the Newborn Intensive Care Unit to help with his growth and after being hospitalized for a month in the NICU he was able to come home. Due to the circumstances of him arriving early we decided it was best for me to become a stay at home mom and care for our preemie. We both knew that would require me to quit my job and would mean relying on just my husband’s paycheck as a source of income. That is when I knew it was my job to do something. Now 2 years later I can say that I have learned how to manage our money, provide for our family, and still be able to save money for the unexpected.

About This Site… The idea behind this blog is to help you do one thing; Save Money! These days you can never save enough (in my humble opinion). So this site will provide deals, coupons and share products you can get for FREE. I will also provide recipes, frugal living tips, crafts, and of course to shower my love to my readers, I will do product reviews and giveaways!

I thank you all for stopping by and I look forward helping you make the most of your hard earned paychecks!

Lia K

Saturday 27th of October 2018

I just found your business card and looked you up. I have to say, you are very kind and welcoming. Your story about your son Kayzen (beautiful name by the way) is similar to my son Jacob 's. He too, was born about 6 weeks early, and we were also fortunate with his outcome. It's scary to go through, but also wonderful if you are home with them. What a gift. But then you create a way to help others in the form of a website? I think what you're doing is wonderful and so selfless. To make this blog and help others is very rewarding! Blessing's to you and yours for your innovative creationism and devotion to helping others.


Lia K (Also in Utah!)

Influencer of the Week – Brittanie

Monday 6th of January 2014

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