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Amazing Things You Never Knew That Plants Could Do For You

A big part of living simply is living in harmony with the natural world.

potted succulent plants in a row

Let’s face it, most of us see more concrete and fluorescent lights than we do sunlight and trees. We spend most of our days with our faces in screens when we should be smelling the roses.

Some of us spend more time in the company of electronic devices than in the company of friends and family. Especially if we’re working at home and/or subject to a local lockdown.

upclose succulent plant

We’ve drifted further and further away from the way our ancestors lived. The way our bodies have evolved to live.

Think about all the time we spend sitting, for instance. Sitting is, in evolutionary terms, a relatively new configuration for our bodies and not one that they’ve necessarily adapted well to. Especially when we’re peering forwards at a screen and putting way too much pressure on our internal organs. Sitting staring at a screen all day can wreak havoc with our health

Returning to a simpler and more natural state can work wonders for our physical and mental health. And a big part of that is eating, touching and spending time with plants. Here are some amazing things that you may never have known that plants can do for you…

Amazing Things Plants Can Do For Our Bodies

They can ease your stress

We live in stressful times. But before you reach to a pharmaceutical solution for your stress, consider a plant-based alternative. From imbibing green gold shatter to trying out CBD edibles, sharing your desk with office plants there are all kinds of ways in which plants can help combat stress. At the very least they can oxygenate your living space and imbue your home or office with a sense of calm. 

succulent plants and dirt on a table

They can combat inflammation 

Inflammation is an extremely serious health risk for many of us. Our bodies’ inflammatory response is designed to help us repair tissue that’s damaged by injury or strain. However, in an era where we’re constantly battling stress and subsisting on heavily processed foods, our inflammation response goes into overdrive. And that can increase our risk of everything from heart disease to cancer. Eating more plants and less processed food (especially processed meats) can exacerbate inflammation. Furthermore, even something as simple as walking barefoot on grass or soil every day can help to combat inflammation by ridding our bodies of excessive electrical charge and EMF.  

top view of succulent plant

They can improve your gains at the gym

When it comes to post workout foods, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we should gorge on red meat, eggs and dairy (whey). After all, what’s more important than protein? But here’s the kicker. All protein comes from plants. Only plants can take nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into amino acids- the building blocks of protein. So try adding a healthy smoothie bowl to your post-workout food regimen.  

plants lined up in the window soaking up the sun

And finally… They can help you live longer

While studies are not yet conclusive, there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that those who enjoy a plant-based diet (or a diet mostly consisting of plants) do live longer. One things for sure, spending more time in the company of plants and introducing more of them into your diet certainly can’t hurt your life expectancy.