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Amazon Grocery Items You Can Get Delivered to Your House For Under $5

When it comes to grocery shopping right now, we want quick, inexpensive and convenient options.

That’s why I’ve gathered a list of Amazon Grocery Items that you can get delivered to your house for under $5!

Amazon has truly revolutionized the way we shop for groceries, making it easier and more convenient than ever before. With Amazon’s vast selection of high-quality grocery items, you can shop for all your favorite foods from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered right to your doorstep in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re looking for fresh produce, pantry staples, or specialty items, Amazon’s grocery selection has it all.

Amazon Grocery Items You Can Get Delivered to Your House For Under $5

Keep in mind that in order to have these items delivered to your home, most of the items require that you have an Amazon Prime Account.

Otherwise, if you spend $25 or more, you can receive free shipping to your home as well.

You can even sign-up for a Free Amazon Prime Trial and shop that way.

Also, pay attention to any coupons that will need to be clicked on items before adding them to your cart. The discount will be reflected at checkout.

You may also receive additional discounts if you do “subscribe and save” that will give you additional discounts and you can cancel at any time.

Prices change pretty regularly but at the time of posting, each item was being offered for $5 or less on the Amazon website.

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Amazon Grocery Items $5 or Less

A list of Amazon Grocery Items you can have delivered to your home for $5 or less.

Breakfast Items

Amazon Breakfast items for under $5

Snack Items

Amazon Snack Items under $5


Amazon Beverages for under $5

Condiments, Seasonings and Sauces

Amazon condiments, seasonings and sauces under $5

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

Amazon quick and easy meal ideas under $5 (make great side choices too)

Canned Items

Amazon Canned Items under $5 (many are even under $1)


Saturday 18th of March 2023

I love that I can have my order delivered by Amazon.. I shop there often. Hope you get a full line of Healthy Clean/organic and Low Carb/ Keto Diet products. Fat is not the problem but the kind of fat used is... Top of the list is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in dark Glass bottles , Organic non processed Coconut oil in Glass jars, Organic Avocado Oil in glass, Macadamia Nut oil in glass, Organic almond and coconut flours, etc are all great...Organic Non GMO Foods, etc.... Looking forward to seeing all that you offer. Thanks so much ! Kind Regards !