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You Can Get 25 Free Flowering Shrubs with a $10 Arbor Day Foundation Donation

Free flowers? Well, you certainly have my attention!

Right now you can get 25 Free Flowering Shrubs with a $10 Arbor Day Foundation Donation! Help save the trees and get free flowers? Sounds like win-win to me!

In case you didn’t know, every year, The Arbor Day Foundation hosts an event where you can receive free flowering shrubs or free trees in exchange for a donation to their cause.

The Arbor Day Foundation is a global nonprofit inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. In the face of a changing world, they are scaling their efforts to plant 500 million trees by 2027 in areas where they’re needed most.

And your donation, helps them achieve that goal!

How to Get Free Flowering Shrubs or Trees

First, visit The Arbor Day Foundation at this link and enter your zip code (you don’t need a member number) and click “begin”.

You will then be sent to a new webpage that will ask for your donation. You only need to make a minimum donation of $10 and it can be one-time or monthly.

Once you’ve entered all your details, it will allow you to choose a gift.

Depending on your zip code, you may be offered a different gift than mine since it will offer free flowers or trees based on what will grow in your region.

I was offered the gift of a Summer Cutting Garden that includes:

  • 2 Asiatic Lillies
  • 7 Mixed Gladiolus
  • 10 Corn Lillies
  • 4 Chinchincheeres
  • 2 Blazing Stars
The Arbor Day Foundation

You can also choose to have 10 trees planted in exchange for your donation. Up to you.

Once you place your order, watch your mail and in a few weeks, you’ll receive your free gift (if you choose the free flowering shrubs or trees).

Keep in mind, you need to follow specific planting instructions for your bulbs/tree cuttings so pay attention to that.

You also need to make your donation by June 12, 2024 in order to receive your free gift!

I love that you are helping plant trees and save the bees and butterflies by planting you new summer cutting garden.