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Brittanie Pyper is a mom of 3, a wife, and a creative geek. She adores crafting, photography, and baking fun treats. When she isn't blogging, she is enjoying a good video game with her family.

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Pumpkin Sugar Cookies With Buttercream Swirl Frosting

These Soft Pumpkin Sugar Cookies topped with colorful buttercream swirl frosting are my new favorite treat to serve up every Halloween! Pumpkin Sugar Cookies With Buttercream Swirl Frosting I don’t know about you, but I look forward to all the fun and sweet treats I can make for the holidays and really, the holidays start …

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Watermelon Cookies

These gorgeous Watermelon Cookies are made using homemade cookie dough and topping with neon-colored homemade royal icing to create a cookie that just screams Summer! Watermelon Cookies Nothing is better than a bite out of a ripe, juicy watermelon during the warm summer months. That’s why I love these watermelon slice cookies because they are …

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Watermelon Margarita

This Watermelon Margarita is the perfect refreshing drink for summer. It requires just 4-ingredients making it simple to make. Watermelon Margarita Nothing is better than a refreshing cocktail on hot summer days. Okay, I lied, nothing is better than sharing a refreshing summer cocktail with that special someone whether it be a friend, significant other …

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