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Baby Shower Gifts You Can Order Online and Have Delivered To The Mom To Be

One of the most popular events in the calendar throughout the year is a baby shower.

Usually, there are plenty of them in most friendship circles, but alas – here we are all in lockdown of varying degrees. The idea of the baby shower, along with most other events that bring joy to families and friendships is shut down for now. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t think about buying awesome baby shower gifts.

Your friends can still take in deliveries, which means that whether you are sending cards or beautifully made enamel pins for the occasion, you can send a stunning gift to mark the occasion. Y

You could also all get onto Zoom or another video conferencing program and still have a shower – it’s unusual, but memorable. Anyway, let’s talk about gifts! We’ve mentioned enamel pins as a lovely way to add a memento to the day, but with the seven suggestions below, you can make your friend, sister or cousin extremely happy!

Baby Shower Gifts You Can Order Online and Have Delivered To The Mom To Be

Diapers. Okay, hear us out before you roll your eyes. Baby things are expensive, and whether your friend is going to use cloth diapers or not, diapers are going to be invaluable. You can either add to the cloth diaper stash, or you can bulk buy some larger sizes for later in the year.

A Mom Basket. Baby shower gifts always mean baby gifts but what about Mom? Send your friend or relative a basket of goodies just for her. Comfy pants to wear post-birth, cloth sanitary wear or breast pads, a subscription to Amazon Prime and her favorite chocolate, too. 

A Stylish Bag. Diaper bags can be so dreary in color. Why not go for something bright and get a matching caddy, too?

Clothes. You cannot buy too many clothes for a baby. They grow so fast, but try not to buy branded items if possible – babies poop and puke a LOT. go for something 100% cotton and soft, breathable and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be expensive to hit the nail on the head.

A Journal. Your friend will get a lot of baby books, but you can get something for the mother. She will want to track all of these milestones and important things, and you can help her to do it.

A Carrier. Baby carriers are not cheap. A good Moby wrap or an Ergo carrier are both ergonomic and perfect for carrying a newborn baby. You’ll help your friend to keep her baby close to her and ensure that she’s comfortable, too.

Food. Those early newborn days are busy, so while you may struggle with a great gift idea, why not do a drive and drop of some batch-cooked items? Your friend will feel so happy and grateful to not have to cook!

Baby showers may be on pause, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shower your friend in gifts.

Send food, send flowers and send your love; she will appreciate every single thing you do.