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35 Best Side Dishes For Salmon

Wondering what to serve with salmon? Don’t worry, I’ve gathered 35 Best Side Dishes For Salmon so you can change it up every time you make this tasty fish dish.

baked salmon with a side of asparagus and mash potatoes

I’m a huge fan of salmon. In fact, it is my favorite fish right behind halibut. So, naturally, we make Salmon for dinner at least once a week. Seriously, try this Hot Smoked Salmon – so good!

While I do love my salmon, it is easy to get bored of the same dish over and over and that is why pairing salmon with the perfect side dishes (and changing it up) is a total must.

Whether you are air frying salmon, baking salmon, sautéing salmon, smoking salmon or even eating salmon raw (sushi), these side dishes will make the perfect pairing.

baked salmon with seasonings and green beans as a side

My Favorite Flavors To Pair with Salmon

No matter which side dish you choose, there a few key flavors and seasonings I like to pair with my salmon. These include:

raw salmon with fresh lemon and herbs to cook with

My Favorite Salmon Side Dishes

Personally, I like to enjoy salmon with 2-3 sides. I like to choose one vegetable such as:

  • Green Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots

I also like to choose one starch. Typically it is some form of potato, rice or pasta.

If I am really wanting an extra side then we love to make biscuits. Our family favorite are these Mountain Dew Biscuits that are so easy to make.

No matter what side dish you choose to compliment your salmon, I am sure it’ll be a good one. I have a list of 35 side dishes for salmon below to get you started!

35 Best Side Dishes For Salmon

Here's What to Serve With Salmon (Best Side Dishes)