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Channeling the Interior Decorator Within? Consider These 6 DIY Wall Art Ideas

Now is as great a time as any to renovate or redecorate your home. Whether you’re tired of a room’s humdrum decor, determined to reorganize a specific area, or just looking to maximize space, there’s a plethora of reasons to take the plunge. Your house is likely the greatest investment you’ll ever make, so redesigning it will have ample benefits–immediately and in the future.

If you’re looking for a place to start, why not begin with your bare walls? Lifeless walls do little to enhance a home’s ambiance. In fact, they do quite the opposite. This is where wall art comes into play. It has a vital role in interior design, providing a focal point for each room and capturing every visitor’s attention.

Although it might be tempting to purchase a sizable painting and call it a day, you should consider opting for the DIY route instead. Creating your own wall art will save you money, boost your confidence, and cultivate mindfulness. If nothing else, your design will be entirely unique and distinctly yours. The following ideas will help you add a personal touch to every room.

Picture frame wall collage  

Displaying a variety of different images is an eye-catching way to decorate any wall. You might choose to round up photographs from a certain event or occasion. Or maybe you’d rather focus on your favorite selection of pictures from the past several years. Either way, not having to pick “the perfect photo” will remove a lot of pressure from your shoulders. A picture frame wall collage is also much more creative than just hanging up a single photograph.

Using a portable photo printer is an efficient way to simplify the whole process. You won’t have to worry about having pictures professionally printed, so you can exert more effort into planning the layout of your wall collage. You will also save time and money in the long run. For tips and insight into the best products, check out this helpful article from Fun Photo Creator to get started.

Signatures and notes

If you enjoy entertaining in your home, try this crowd-pleasing way to jazz up blank walls. Purchase a large canvas from an arts supply store and hang it in an area with heavy foot-traffic. Next time you have guests over, pass out markers and ask each person to sign the canvas or write a short note. Don’t worry too much about adhering to specific guidelines, since unexpected placement will make the piece stand out.

Fabric wall art   

Attaching fabric to your walls is more straightforward than it sounds. The idea is also more distinctive than applying basic wallpaper, and allows you to choose from a host of patterns, textures, and finishes. Make sure to select a fabric with the weight of upholstery fabric in order to minimize bubbling issues. You will also need liquid starch, a paint brush, thumbtacks, paint rollers, a paint tray, and an x-acto knife. Plan carefully and take your time to ensure the smoothest application possible.

Paint swatch collage   

Try this inexpensive suggestion for an effortless way to add a pop of color. First, collect a group of paint swatches in diverse tones and sizes. You can choose a palette, theme, or just combine a random assortment of colors. Next, use craft scissors to cut your swatches into different shapes. You may also simply layer them atop each other for an eclectic look. Once you decide on a layout, use double-sided tape to secure the swatches to a piece of poster board. Lastly, attach a photo mat before framing your saturated creation.

Simple abstract painting   

You don’t have to be professionally trained to paint a wall-worthy masterpiece. Take a cue from abstract art and minimalism when tackling your project. The key is to stick to a small selection of colors–about two or three–and create visual contrast. Have fun experimenting with various brushstrokes, and remember not to take yourself too seriously.

Garlands and buntings

If you’re not a huge fan of photos or paintings, look no further. Making garlands is a terrific DIY way to liven up your wall and transform your home. You might opt for a traditional pom-pom garland, or utilize less common options like folded doilies, vintage wallpaper, or fabric tassels when crafting your garland.