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Christmas Expectations Verses Reality

Every person has them. You know, this thing called “expectations.” For us parents, especially, things never go like we want them to. It’s like you think of this magnificent ending in your head, only to be disappointed when things don’t work out. This certainly holds true especially during the holidays. There are Christmas Expectations almost everyone has but then reality seems to get in the freaking way and ruin it all!

I bet it all sounds a bit like this…

Christmas Expectations Verses Reality

Christmas Expectations Verses Reality

Expectation: You plan on making your gifts look really nice and appealing.

Reality: Your gift wrapping looks like something out of a horror wrapping terrible

Expectation: You want your house to look the most festive in the neighborhood for Christmas.

Reality: You start decorating the outside of your house and realize it is far too much work, so you go inside and turn on Netflix instead.

Expectation: You expect the kids to wake up early and in a good mood, excited and ready to open gifts.

Reality: The kids wake up at 4 AM, without the knowledge that you just went to bed at 1 AM.

Expectation: You plan on making a really fun and festive breakfast for the kiddos.

Reality: Your four-year-old throws a fit because they don’t want Santa pancakes, they want Cheerios.

Expectation: You have grand hopes of getting great pictures of your kids opening their gifts this year.

Reality: You can’t get one smile out of your child, the only thing they’re handing out are tears this Christmas.

Expectation: You expect your child to see that Santa took a bite of the cookies you made and also drank the milk.

Reality: You forgot to eat dinner, so that cookies and milk disappeared quickly. Can you say midnight snack, anyone?

Expectation: Everyone will wear the really cute matching holiday clothes you bought at Kohl’s last week.

Reality: Everyone agrees that their new Christmas jammies are much comfier than stiff holiday expectations

Expectation: Your kids will run up to you hugging you and thanking you for all of the awesome gifts.

Reality: Sister is in tears because brother got “one” more toy than she did. Does Santa care about them equally?

What’s the point of this post? The point is we all have expectations. However, NOTHING goes perfectly during the holidays or basically anytime. Expect and anticipate all you want and then you can cry because nothing goes your way. OR—you can go with the flow and CHILL out! Things will work out.

If you really can’t seem to get past this expectation thing of yours, maybe a bottle or two of wine will help.