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11 College Cleaning Must-Haves

This post has been sponsored by 3M . All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Heading to college typically means you are away from your parents for the first time. While you’ll think of the basic essentials such as bedding, clothing, and food, you may not think of essentials such as cleaning supplies. However, these are a must-have for keeping your college dorm clean and tidy. Everything from basic items like paper towels to more unique items like the Scotch-Brite Soap Control Dishwand.

Here are 11 College Cleaning Must-Haves to get you started on your home away from home.

11 College Cleaning Must-Haves

Disinfectant Wipes/Spray

Colleges, just like any school, live and breathe germs. And it’s never a good thing when you get the cold/flu right before a big exam. You can keep your dorm room free from germs by disinfecting your surfaces regularly using disinfectant wipes and spray. A total must-have in my book!

Trash Can Liners

Trust me, the last thing you want to do is get to your dorm room and not have enough trashcan liners around. These are great for trash but are also great for storing other items such as extra bedding, clothes, etc.

Paper Towels

I think this is a given but you can never have enough paper towels. Cleaning, eating, cleaning up spills—trust me, stocking up on these is a must!

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Let’s be honest, college dorm rooms aren’t very big and don’t have a ton of storage. So, why have more cleaners than you need? A good multi-surface cleaner can help keep your dorm clean with an all-in-one formula. It will be your new favorite cleaner.


Dust accumulates quickly, especially when you spend most of your time in your dorm room when you’re not in class. That is why a trusty duster is among the most important cleaning supplies you can have.

Small Vacuum

If you haven’t been eating chips or sunflower seeds at 3 AM while studying for a morning exam and knocked them all over the floor yet, it’s bound to happen. That’s where a vacuum will come in handy. I like the slim stick vacuums because they often don’t require vacuum bags, are easy-to-use, and are small enough to store under a bed or in a closet.

Air Freshener

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, but air freshener can help keep odors away and make your doom room smell clean even if it isn’t.

Toilet Cleaner

Not all dorm rooms have a bathroom attached to it but if you happen to be lucky enough to have one, you’ll want to keep toilet cleaner around so you can clean your bathroom often.

Laundry Hamper/Basket

No matter how you plan to clean your laundry while in college, having a laundry basket to transport your laundry to and from the laundromat is a must!

Dish Soap

It is inevitable that you’ll be using dishes at some point. Whether it be morning coffee or a few dishes for dining in on study nights, ensuring you have dish soap in your dorm room is essential to keeping the little dishes you have clean.


If you want something that will make your life in college easy, you need a dishwand—but not just any dish wand. You need the Scotch-Brite Soap Control Dishwand.

A Dishwand is essential for keeping your dish soap and dish scrubber all-in-one, so you can clean your dishes with ease, save time, and control the amount of soap you are using (being frugal in college is a must, too!) I grabbed mine while grocery shopping at my local Kroger store my local Kroger store (mine is Smith’s).

This even works well if you have a basin to wash dishes in and then need to rinse in your bathroom or kitchenette.

My favorite part is how simple it is to use. Simply unscrew the bottom of the handle, pour in your favorite dish soap, and push the button to squeeze out the perfect amount of dish soap. Then wash, rinse, and you now have clean dishes!

You can pick up the Scotch-Brite Soap Control Dishwand at your local Kroger store. I found mine down the aisle with the dish soap and mops.

Then make yourself or anyone you know who is heading to college a college cleaning caddy so they’ll be able to keep their dorm clean and tidy while living away from home!

As a bonus, I totally made you a printable College Cleaning Weekly Schedule you can use to figure out what days to clean, and what things to clean on those days!

Happy cleaning!