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Common Tech Problems Startups Have

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When you are planning for a healthy business life, when you’re at that precarious point during the first 18 months or so of your business, problems come thick and fast. Many of them you can control, but some of them appear to be beyond your remit, so much so that you have no comprehension of how to solve them. For example, there are Common Tech Problems Startups Have and those problems can scale quickly if you are not experienced in tech world.

Technology and the various components of this aspect can prove to be incomprehensible to many entrepreneurs. Either you have the know-how and the skills or you don’t. But whether it’s just you and a skeleton staff, or a large group of people working, you still got to have adequate preparation as far as technical issues are concerned. So, with that in mind, what are the most common? Knowing the most common tech problems startups have can be the first step to helping you overcome this hurdle.

Common Tech Problems Startups Have

A Lack Of Appropriate Skills

It’s something we see time and time again; the business founder may be more creative and hands-on but not have the technical know-how. Or on the other hand, a tech startup can suffer because the founder doesn’t have knowledge of the customer-focused side of things.

Technology provides the solution to both these problems, via online courses and relationships with mentors. It’s a little thing, but technology can provide an abundance of resources as far as your learning is concerned. Yes, there are components like e-learning that every business has nowadays, but while a lot of employees look at these aspects as annoying, when we make the most of the numerous options, from learning modules, online courses and everything in between, we’ve got a smorgasbord of solutions.

A Poor Vendor

When you outsource to a vendor, if your relationship with them isn’t constructive, this can be very destructive to your technological output. Whatever your opinion is on outsourcing, it’s essential that you find the right partner to work with. If you have issues with a vendor, this can set you back in so many different ways. For example, if your previous vendor wasn’t able to deliver the final product on time, or there were bugs in the system, these directly impact your productivity.

Finding a vendor that’s competent is one thing, but finding one that’s competent and compliant is another thing entirely. To be compliant with the various regulatory requirements you need to work with an IT company that knows their way around the big and little details that you have been unable to learn yourself. The right IT support partner can help your business become FCA compliant but also work with you to scale up your business when you need it. The competent vendors can you show their credentials, such as awards and certifications, but also is a company that you get a good feeling from.

Insufficient Project Management

Project management issues directly result in excessive expenditure as well as overrunning in time and effort that’s completely unnecessary. From an administrative perspective, project management can be easily fixed if you have the appropriate programs in place. Because a startup can struggle under the weight of its duties, an essential body of knowledge is a fleeting skill. It’s not just the technology that can prove to be essential at this point, but the framework implemented by the project manager steers the ship in the right direction.

Remember, there are many free tools for the startup that doesn’t have much in the way of money. Podio can help with complicated projects, Asana can provide assistance on a daily basis, and Smartsheet can work for the most mundane of administrative tasks: the dreaded spreadsheet. As money is a necessity that we don’t always have at the beginning of our business, we’ve got to leverage the tools when and where we can, and preferably for free to avid cutting into profits.


If you are hoping to make indentations in your chosen industry, and you’re relying on technology to get you the adequate results, you need a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The big question with hiring one of these is if you can afford to do so. While there are numerous it support companies that can provide a Chief Technology Officer, if you are able to hire one in-house, this can give you unique insights and a fresh perspective as far as your IT strategy is concerned. It’s not always necessary to hire a CTO full time, but if you have the opportunity to hire one for, at the very least, one day a week, it’s important to ensure they operate with the business’ best interests at heart.

A Chief Technology Officer can provide the results from a technological standpoint which can mean all the difference if you’re after a quick result. And it’s important to remember that if you have a CTO; it can give you a leg up as far as funding is concerned.

Ignoring Security Practices

The one thing we can all become complacent with as far as tech is concerned is that if we’ve got the most up-to-date software or hardware, we don’t need to worry about hackers and data breaches. While we’ve got to have a foundation of protection like anti-virus packages, we need to be sure that our workers know the signs of viruses or phishing scams that can easily infiltrate our systems and threaten to undermine our business’ credibility. This is an ongoing practice that we need to take responsibility for, and while there are rules and regulations we have to be in line with, it’s far better to have a vested interest in the security of our business. If we have one slip up, we can lose trust, data, not to mention money!

As our business makes its ascent, giving technology pride of place as far as protection is concerned is something we’ve all got to give consideration to. While any business can get an anti-virus package or a cloud server, if you really want your company to fly, you need resources on board that have finite knowledge and can fill in the gaps if you don’t have the right people on board already. These are some common issues that can leave you wide open for infiltration, not to mention a lack of productivity.

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