Crazy Good Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

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It’s no secret that Mexicans know how to party. Their fiesta’s are so fun and what can be better than tacos and delicious cocktails? I say NOTHING CAN! And as we near closer to Cinco De Mayo it has me thinking of how I am going to celebrate so I decided to round-up 25 Crazy Good Cinco De Mayo Cocktails that will get you and I on the dance floor doing the salsa.

Crazy Good Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

25 Crazy Good Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

If you like spicy, you are going to love this Jalapeno Margarita!

Sunrise or sunset, this Mexican Sunset Cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate such a hot day.

This Mexican Mimosa is the perfect pairing to any Cinco De Mayo brunch you may have planned.

A simple, white, and delicious Salt Air Margarita can be all you need to have a good time.

This White Sangria is so bright and cheerful, just like I imagine a Cinco De Mayo party to be!

I bet the grapefruit in The Paloma cocktail really compliments the tequila!

Tequila anyone? This Mexican Mule is sure to get the party rolling!

This Rose Sangria is almost too pretty to drink…ALMOST.

I can imagine how much flavor this Grilled Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita packs!

Rise and shine, this Tequila Sunrise Cocktail might just be the way to get you going with your day! Crazy Good Cinco De Mayo Cocktails3

I can’t imagine how amazing this Vanilla Pear Margarita must be!

I truly love the colors of this Frizzy Pink Grapefruit Margarita.

Not afraid of spice? This Mango Habanero Margarita is right up your alley.

Sometimes a simple Cilantro Margarita is the way to go!

These Sangria Swirled Frozen Margaritas look like such a tasty mouthful!

Your fiesta just wouldn’t be the same without this delicious Watermelon Jalapeno Agua Fresca.

This Corona Sunrise Cocktail will have you singing “My Corona” in no time!

Bright and beautiful, this Mexican Pomegranate Mimosa is! Crazy Good Cinco De Mayo Cocktails4

If you like a little kick to your drink you’ll love these Fizzy Peach Jalapeno Margaritas!

Watching your figure? This Skinny Cucumber Margarita is for you!

I’ve always wanted to try blood orange and this Blood Orange Margarita looks like the perfect way to!

Creamsicle Margaritas, do I really need to say more?

This Blue Margarita has completely caught my attention (any guess as to why?) Yup, because I LOVE BLUE!

Ya Man, this Frozen Bahamarita is as tasty as it looks!

This Lime Sherbet Margarita looks AMAZING!

Crazy Good Cinco De Mayo Cocktails2

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  1. Hey Brittanie,

    Awesome roundup. I’ve been hunting around for some awesome cocktail inspiration for a Cinco De Mayo party.

    I’m actually putting together a themed party guide and I think this could be a great resource to use.

    Keep up the good work!

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