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Destiny Party Centerpieces

:In case you haven’t heard Destiny, specifically Destiny 2 is all the rage in the gaming world right now. My husband has been playing online with his friends since the start which is why when he recently graduated art school with his Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Game Art, I threw him a Destiny themed graduation party. It was a hit and that is why I wanted to share these Destiny Party Centerpieces I made for his party!

What You Need to Make Destiny Party Centerpieces:

How to Make Destiny Party Centerpieces:

First, start by printing out the Destiny Logos. I made mine double-sided so I printed 2 of each logo. You can print these at home or print them somewhere like FedEx Kinkos. Just ensure they are on high quality cardstock. You can use the ones I made in the file above (they are already scaled to the size I used as well).

Next, cut out the logos and then glue a wooden dowel to the backside of one of the logos. Then glue the other side on (if you are doing them double-sided). 

Now grab your glass vase and place the push light into the bottom of it. Make sure it is turned on.

Fill the vase with the blue gems (glimmer) and then stick a wooden dowel inside. Repeat with your remaining vases.

Then set up your tables and use these as centerpieces. Set the 3D printed engrams next to the vases and watch them glow! Here is a cool picture of them glowing in the dark:

I sure hope you enjoy these fun centerpieces! I had to get creative since I couldn’t find any Destiny themed party posts anywhere! And just in case you haven’t already, make sure you pick up your copy of Destiny 2! The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are out now with the PC version being released October 24, 2017!


Saturday 19th of September 2020

Hi I love these table centres. Please could you tell me where you got the large gems which are beside the vases. Thank you


Saturday 19th of September 2020

Hi Lucy! I am so glad you like them. I actually had them made on Etsy but it looks like they no longer sell them.